The Essential Moving Tips Checklist

The Essential Moving Tips Checklist

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Moving into a new house or apartment can be overwhelming, especially if you are switching cities and starting a new job. With so many urgent tasks, some elements of your move can fall through the cracks, only to resurface when you realize you forgot to put the electricity bill in your name.

Start with a Checklist

Make your transition as smooth as possible by preparing a checklist! Divide a piece of notebook paper in half. On the left side, list all of the tasks you need to complete to move from your present location. On the right side, you can mirror your task list with what needs to be done to settle in to your new location. The following SHEEX® moving tips are a good way to get started.

Prepare Now

If you are moving to a new state you will need to transfer your vehicle registration, register to vote in that state, and possibly register your business with the appropriate local office of finance depending on the laws where you are moving. Plan ahead: call the DMV and get a copy of your vehicle title if you do not currently have one. Make preliminary calls now alerting officials about your pending move so you do not have to backtrack and spend hours on the phone once you are across the country.

Set Up Your Utilities

The realtor, landlord, or other professional who helped you secure your new home should provide you with the contact information of the utility providers in your new area. Call your water, power, and internet providers before the move to establish service, or take care of it online. Have your trash pickup service ready to go so you can get those moving materials and packaging removed before they pile up.

Inspect Your Home

Once you arrive at your new home grab a pad of paper and conduct a thorough inspection. Are all the outlets functioning? How is the water pressure? Where is the fuse box? Check early for any potential problems to have them promptly addressed. 


Tackle this step both before and after you have completed unpacking. Start with a clean home and then tidy up after you have unpacked. Vacuum your carpets, scrub the floors, and dust the furniture to turn that new house into a proper home.


This step may take some time, so set a specific goal each day to keep yourself on target. On day one unpack essentials so you can create a livable space. Tip: You can make this dreaded step go by faster if you take time to pack items from the same room together before the move. One of the most important things to remember when moving is to properly recycle all packing materials. One thing is for sure: Unpacking the bedroom first will ensure you have a cozy retreat to rest whenever you get tired from sifting through boxes.

Set Up Your Bed

Sleep is your number one priority after a long move, so before you do anything else, assemble your bed. Moving is an ideal time to upgrade your bedding - the SHEEX® Performance Cooling Mattress will help ensure you are putting your most rested foot forward when exploring your new neighborhood. If you are bringing your existing mattress and box spring with you, top it with the SHEEX® Original Performance Mattress Pad, which is built with technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night.

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The SHEEX® ARCTIC AIRE·MAX Sheet Set creates optimal ventilation and transfers heat with CoolX™ technology for a rejuvenating sleep haven. Have friends or family members helping out who need to sleep at your new place? Unpack some sleepwear and leave a comforter out on the couch for them to crash in comfort. Our fabrics and material provide a cooling sensation and calming tranquility that will allow your friends and family to fully recharge. 

Make Your Bathroom Functional

You work up quite a sweat moving those boxes and furniture pieces. The next step is to hang the shower curtain, lay out the bath mats, and unpack the towels and shampoo so you can take a hot, relaxing shower. Now that you are nice and clean, head to that cozy bed and unwind from your busy day.

Update Your Mailing Address

To make sure your mail and favorite magazine subscriptions make it to your new place, let the U.S. Postal Service know of your address change. You should also update your voter registration and contact your bank and credit card companies to alert them. Take care of this within the first couple of days in your new home. Remember to update your new address on all of your online accounts as well. Once you are all settled in, you can start the next chapter in your life. A new home is quite the upgrade — why not upgrade your sleep experience at the same time? Browse the SHEEX® website for a wide selection of innovative bedding products that promote thermoregulation for deep, restorative sleep.

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