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    Introducing: SHEEX Calm + Cool Weighted Blanket

    Put an end to anxiety-induced insomnia! Calm your nerves and sleep soundly as our weighted blanket gives you the serene and comforting sensation of being held or hugged.

    The SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket is designed to promote a feeling of soothing calm through the even distribution of firm yet gentle pressure. This deep-touch pressure is scientifically proven to stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin, reducing stress and encouraging relaxation and comfort.

    Why SHEEX Performance Bed Sheets?

    SHEEX created the world's first Performance Sheets. Our fabrics breathe 10x better than traditional cotton sheets and are
    RIDICULOUSLY SOFT®. Our deep pocket sheets are engineered with Stay Fit Corners and are constructed with
    Athletic Grade Elastic around the entire fitted sheet ensuring your bedding stays where it should.

    Ridiculously Soft
    Moisture Wicking
    Stay Fit Corners
    Wrinkle Free

    Original Performance Sleepwear

    Our Sleep•Fit Technology offers unbelievably soft fabrics, enhanced breathability and advanced thermoregulation to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

    Complete Your Bed

    Performance Cooling Mattress

    cooling mattress hp

    The revolutionary SHEEX® Performance Cooling Mattress is crafted with style and innovation. This modern and super sleek mattress incorporates layer upon layer of technical performance materials, including the same patented, breathable SLEEP TECH® fabrics from our cooling sheet products and our mattress cover. The Pro+IONIC™ Technology provides a natural, responsive sleep surface and the infused CoolX™ Phase Change Material adapts to temperature changes to maintain consistent comfort. It’s truly a cooling combination like no other!