The Beauty of Performance™

Are you ready to experience the coolest, most luxurious night’s sleep you have ever had? Introducing the SHEEX Midnight Label Bedding Collection, our latest innovation in performance bedding!

SHEEX® has partnered with the revolutionary team at brrr° to create, literally, the world’s coolest bedding, guaranteed to provide you with an unrivaled sleep experience. The Triple Chill Effect™, engineered by brrr°, combines a proprietary mixture of cooling minerals, active wicking technology and quick drying, all proven to keep you cooler. By fusing the cooling minerals embedded in brrr˚ Nylon with our SLEEP•TECH® Technology, SHEEX has engineered the absolute best bedding ensemble for hot sleepers, proven to create a reduction in skin temperature that won’t ever fade or wash out over time.



Say goodnight to morning crush wrinkles, dry skin and brittle, tangled hair and wake up rejuvenated from SHEEX revitalizing sleep experience. Experience The Beauty of Performance™ with our latest innovation in performance bedding!

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Duvet Cover

Our Midnight Label Duvet Cover is a key component to newest bedding collection. Providing a cooling base layer of comfort, you can now mix & match colors with our fitted sheet, flat sheet & pillowcases to find your style

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Pillowcase Pair

Fused together the cooling and silky combination of SHEEX SLEEP•TECH® Technology + brrr˚ Triple Chill Effect™ to create a revitalizing sleep experience that feels cool, lush and soothing to your skin and hair.

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Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch

Whether at home in your bed, flying at 30,000 feet above the Earth, road tripping or just to help provide relief from a tension headache, our cooling sleep mask can help you achieve the restful sleep your body needs to get through the day.

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Spa BlueStonePorcelainMist Gray