How to Layer a Bed for Winter

How to Layer a Bed for Winter

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We've shared our definitive guide to layer your bed in the summer to avoid tossing and turning during those balmy nights. But now that winter is on its way it's time to rethink your bedding and re-layer for optimal comfort. If you think a few fleece blankets will do the trick, you may find yourself constantly trying to counteract the heat-trapping qualities of cotton with the chilly air — make it easy on yourself and learn how to properly make a bed suitable for the winter.

Switch to Darker Bedding

What we touched on in our summer article still applies — darker colors naturally retain heat, while lighter colors repel heat and light. Choosing darker colors is wise in the winter, both for the heat-retention qualities and the psychological effect it will have on your wellbeing while you sleep. However, if you make the switch to darker colors invest in ventilated sheets and covers so you do not overheat at night. The SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set is available in colors such as graphite, navy, and black.

Get the Right Pillow

When you prepare for the cooler winter months start at the top and pick a SHEEX Cooling Pillow that regulates and limits excess heat transfer. The temptation to over-layer with blankets can cause body heat to build up — with a lightweight cooling pillow you can allow the heat to escape from your head without becoming cold at night. Lightweight, spill-resistant fabric protects against bacteria growth and allows you to gently doze off to sleep each night.

Upgrade Your Top Layer

With the transition from summer complete simply using your sheets is no longer an option. The Performance All Season Comforter represents an all-year-round comforter option for your top layer without sacrificing its superior breathability. Curl up in a cloud-like comforter and drift off to sleep as the snow falls outside your window.

Original Performance All Season Comforter

Original Performance All Season Comforter

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Cover Your Comforter

You will want to swap out your lightweight top layer for a more insulated comforter in winter, but balance that increase in material with a cooling duvet cover that feels like silk. Go with an option like our Arctic Aire•MAX Washed Quilt SetDesigned with ultimate comfort in mind and washed to a Ridiculously Soft® perfection, this super lightweight layer is made for ultimate breathability that will keep you cozy, yet cool, and comfortable throughout the night.

Arctic Aire•MAX Duvet Cover

Arctic Aire•MAX Duvet Cover

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Making the perfect bed in the winter can be achieved by balancing those extra layers with fabrics that thermoregulate and wick away moisture while you sleep to find that sweet spot between warm and cold — cool and comfortable. 

Take our SLEEP•FIT® Quiz to find the perfect cooling and cozy bedding to help you get the restful and restorative night's sleep you deserve!

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