Tips for a Cozy Winter Hibernation

Tips for a Cozy Winter Hibernation

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As we fast forward to the chillier months of the year, the temperatures are plunging to below freezing levels and earlier darkness leads to longer nights. Soon you may roll over in bed and glance out the window to the sight of three feet of fresh snow in the morning. As winter settles in, be prepared. There is nothing more relaxing than burrowing into your warm and comfy bed for a few extra hours in the mornings. In fact, you may be snowed in for days on end with little warning. There are several important things to do during the winter months so you can take full advantage of hibernation season. Here is the SHEEX guide to prepping your home for extended periods of rest and relaxation:

Make Your Home Winter Friendly

Is your home winter ready? You can count on colder temperatures, but try to avoid wasting extra money each month on a substantial heating bill. On a cold day, take a walk around your home and find the drafts. You can trap more heat inside by caulking cracks, investing in rubber seals or plastic insulation, and installing thick drapes along your windows. These measures will keep heat in, and the drapes will keep light from waking you prematurely. Warm up those chilly hardwood floors with throw rugs or a runner and don't forget to set your hibernation mood with lighting. String lights and a variety of candles can make it cozy but if you suffer from the "winter blues" add extra lamps with some LED smart adjustable, multicolor light bulbs so you can set your own mood.

Prepare Your "Work Clothes"

If the winter elements have you working from home, be sure to embrace the homebody lifestyle. Don "work clothes" of unrivaled softness and breathability when you order coordinating SHEEX Cooling Sleepwear. Business Insider notes that the special Sleep•Fit Technology with advanced thermoregulation is their favorite choice to prevent overheating during sleep.

Stock Up on Snacks

You cannot properly enjoy a snow day if you find yourself running low on basic necessities, so stock-up in advance. Load up on non-perishable meals and dry snacks to keep the cupboards full during a blizzard. Also, buy a kettle if you do not own one, and have an assortment of hot drink options like cocoa, cinnamon spice tea, and coffee available in your kitchen. Nothing will warm up your hands like cradling a steaming mug of hot cocoa from the comfort of your bed.

Snuggle Up in Bed

Creating the perfect sleep retreat during the winter months involves a delicate balancing act. You naturally want to layer sheets, comforters, and throw blankets to fight the winter chill. However, if you use traditional cotton fabrics you may run hot and sweat throughout the night, waking repeatedly to remove and add back layers. Invest in a versatile SHEEX Studio•Tech Bedding Set that features a dual-sided design for fluctuating body temperatures. It is perfect for winter and summer! The "winter" side is luxuriously soft, velvety, and retains heat while thermoregulating for premium comfort. The set contains everything you need to curl up and snooze your winter worries away: a duvet cover, two shams, and a fitted sheet with two pillowcases completes the ensemble.

One final tip before winter settles in: load up your streaming queues with TV shows and movies you know will serve as the perfect escape. Chillier temperatures may be coming, but when you are prepared for the winter hibernation season you can look forward to the low temps and snowy mornings. Get cozy with SHEEX sleepwear and performance bedding to hibernate like a pro.

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