Don't Let Your Anxiety Get The Best of Your Sleep

Don't Let Your Anxiety Get The Best of Your Sleep

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Anxiety and sleep don’t always go hand in hand. If you’re prone to anxious and sleepless nights, you know the vicious cycle. Stress and anxiety can cause sleeping problems or worsen existing ones. A lack of sleep can also cause anxiety. According to Psycom, "70% of adults report that they experience daily stressors, so it makes sense that Americans on average are reporting they get less sleep than in previous decades." Wondering how to fall asleep with anxiety? You’re not alone. For a calming slumber, read ahead to learn how to sleep when you’re stressed and anxious — with help from your favorite SHEEX® bedding, of course!

Stick to a schedule and ritual.

If you want to calm down anxiety at night, consider a soothing combination of a steady sleep schedule and a bedtime ritual. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule leaves little room for the mind to feel confused or unfamiliar. In addition, incorporating small rituals such as taking nightly baths, lighting candles, or rubbing crystals over your body can relax the anxious mind. When it's time to hit the hay, rest your weary head on something supportive that will lull you to sleep. Our ultra-comfortable Original Performance Mattress Pad will make your bed feel like a cooling, much-needed retreat.

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Leave it for tomorrow. 

Avoid stressful activities such as paying the bills before bedtime to reduce your anxiety and insomnia. As much as you want to tackle your to-do list before you lay on our Original Performance Pillows, leave impending tasks for when you’re well-rested. The moments before you drift to sleep are reserved for relaxation, and that means saying "this can wait" to daily tasks.

Grab a book and avoid the blue light.

Your electronics can emit blue light that disrupts your sleep rhythm, so cozy up with a good book to unwind after a hectic day. Can’t sleep with anxiety? Go ahead and curl up with a weighted blanket and a relaxing novel. Current research suggests that weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation that may help reduce autonomic arousal, which can provoke anxiety symptoms such as increased heart rate. 


The National Sleep Foundation says you should try the tense and relax method if you feel anxious around bedtime. Squeeze your toes for several seconds, then relax them. Journey all the way up the body with this method for complete bliss. Finally — and we can't stress this enough — meditate, meditate, and meditate. Whether you're using the guided imagery technique or simply slow-breathing yourself to sleep, mediation is a form of making peace with your anxiety. 

If you've tried these tips and still lose sleep over anxiety, always know that you can reach out for help from a counselor or doctor. In the meantime, check out our SHEEX Original Performance collection to get the best sleep even on those restless nights. Our temperature-control technology and moisture-wicking fabrics will help you calmly SLEEP COOL. SLEEP DRY. SLEEP COMFORTABLE™.

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