What Your Bed-Making Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Bed-Making Style Reveals About Your Personality

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You spend roughly eight hours per day in bed, making it the most used and arguably the most important piece of furniture in our home. Since our personalities are inherent in every decision we make, it should come as no surprise that the way we tuck, fold, and tidy our bed every morning can reveal our strongest qualities and funniest quirks. Find your bed-making method below and see how close we are at pinning down the details of your personality:

"Making my bed in the morning? No way. I check that the sheets are not on the floor and that is it."

lady jumping on the bed Skipping the bed-making process altogether demonstrates that you prioritize big tasks over order and routine. Most nights you would opt for a workout, a late night writing session, or a spontaneous mixer with friends instead of making a to-do list. You are more extroverted and focus your energies on projects or social gatherings during the day. You do not mind clutter - but there is a method to your madness. Power your drive with our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Sheet Set that maintains an optimal body temperature while you sleep to help you wake fully charged and ready to conquer the world every morning.

"I may skip the finer points, but I take a moment to pull the comforter over the sheets and pillows so my bed is presentable before I carry on with my day."

These personality types fall in the middle of the spontaneous-versus-regimented spectrum. You care about being dependable and accountable, but do not like to get bogged down in details. You may be a dreamer or someone who is constantly thinking about complex ideas without wanting to devote time to daily minutiae. A supportive and breathable pillow allows you to comfortably drift into that creative headspace when you wake up in the morning and before you drift off at night — outfit your bed with ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Down Alternative Pillows to rejuvenate and refresh your mind every night.

"I mostly make my bed. I pull the sheets and duvet up, I make sure the pillows are pretty much in place, and check once that nothing is too lopsided."

Three words describe you: functional, practical, and no-nonsense. When you reliably make your bed without the optional steps of tucking corners or additional folding you clearly possess pride in getting the job done but do not feel the need to call attention to yourself. You are regarded as level-headed, a person your friends and family call first when they need some advice. Instill that efficiency in your bedding with the SHEEX Technical Suede Duvet Cover — the stylish suede-like material creates a luxurious professional look when someone peeks into your bedroom, and the ThermaSHEEX technology provides superior ventilation for a satisfying slumber.

"Not only do I make my bed, I tuck in each corner and side so the bedding looks pristine. My two pillows are completely even and smoothed over to reduce wrinkles."

man making bed You are the planner. The social organizer. The one who remembers every deadline and has great credit. You cherish the smaller moments and take care with everything you do, whether it is cooking a big breakfast in the morning or cleaning your office desk in the evening before you head home. You are great at managing stress because you chip away at the details and tasks on your list. Keep your bedding smooth and your sleep experience elevated with our LUXURY COPPER Sheet Set featuring PRO+IONIC copper fabric that releases ions that may decrease oxidants in the body and promote healthy skin rejuvenation.

"I love making my bed. I take care to rearrange the sheets, create an intricate tower of pillows above the comforter, and fold our family quilt at the foot of the bed."

You have a flair for style, and appreciate the aesthetics of your home. On the street people constantly stop you to ask where you bought that cute outfit or necklace, and when you have guests over they marvel that your decor looks like it came out of a catalog. While you are down to earth, you also understand the simple joy of day-to-day life. Someone like you appreciates the finer details, so consider topping your bed with an ECOSHEEX Bamboo Coverlet constructed from Ridiculously-Soft™ woven viscose from bamboo that lends a luxurious feel to your manicured sleep haven. No matter which personality type you are you can take greater pride in your made or messy bed by outfitting it with high-tech and Ridiculously-Soft SHEEX performance bedding. The moisture-wicking capabilities and thermoregulating properties will help keep you cool and comfortable making for a more restorative and energizing sleep. Who knows — once you switch to SHEEX you may finally have the energy to step up your bed-making routine and throw our entire personality test out of whack!

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