5 Bedroom Storage Hacks & Solutions

5 Bedroom Storage Hacks & Solutions

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Many modern households have embraced the mantra "less is more" in an effort to streamline their living spaces. Whether you're in a tiny NYC Studio Loft, a comfortable three bedroom home in the 'burbs, or reside in a sprawling mega-mansion in the rolling hills of Montana, we all have storage and organization challenges. But don't worry. SHEEX has storage solution suggestions. Try some of these clever storage ideas for any bedroom and see if any of these tight-space storage hacks can open up floor space and transform your cluttered catastrophe into a harmonious haven for sleep.

1. Craft a Cubbywood bedroom cabinet

In order to store as much as possible within your bedroom, every furniture item should take advantage of the space it occupies. Decorative end tables often have only a flat top surface to place a lamp or alarm clock while the opening underneath goes wasted. Order or build your own cubby nightstand for a chic, modern pair of nightstands that double as shelving units for extra storage. The square two-by-two cubby is a timeless design, and if painted can match your decor or serve as a vivid accent piece. The shelves are perfect to store your second set of SHEEX for laundry day.

2. Salvage Some Shelves

wood hanging shelves Your walls are good for more than just hanging photos or enormous canvas prints of faraway vacation destinations. Floating wall shelves are an ingenious method of creating easily accessible storage within your bedroom. Once again, you will not need to sacrifice any floor space, and with the right hue, the shelves will blend right into the wall. Create a cozy spot to hang your hat, bag, coat, or scarves by attaching hooks to the bottom of your wall shelves. Again, depending on your hardware expertise you can build and install your own wall shelves or order a set of floating wall shelves online to increase your storage in just a few days.

3. Hide More Than Monsters Under the Bed

man lifting weights on corner of bed Choosing an elevated bed has multiple benefits for your bedroom. It creates a sense of uniformity by reducing the number of levels in a small space, and a bed frame elevates the style of any bedroom. Plus, if you choose to elevate your mattress with a lofty bed frame you open up an enormous amount of storage right below where you sleep. Of course, many designers scoff at simply placing items under your bed — it admittedly does not look great. However, you can dress up your storage by using matching drawers, storage trunks, or shelves below your sleeping space to create some order. Adding the SHEEX Original Performance Box Spring Wrap to your bed ensemble will dress up any bed.

4. Get Rid of Your Old Bedding

When you have three changes of cotton sheets and comforters hogging space in your closet you are losing out on some valuable storage space. One of the most effective bedroom storage ideas is to reduce what you already have — throw out those old sheets and invest in performance fabric sheets that will keep you comfortable and thermoregulated in every season. Performance sheets and pillowcases are typically more compact than most cotton bedding so you can neatly fold your extra SHEEX and place them on a single shelf in your closet (or your newly built cubby we showed you how to build in the first tip!).

5. Balance Storage Between Several Rooms

If you have a designated guest room, you're ahead of the pack! Invest in a variety of storage solutions for your guest bedroom so items like extra sheets, towels, and seasonal items can be tucked away in dressers or closets that are infrequently used. If you have family or friends crashing over for the weekend, follow our quick guide to properly prep your guest room for visitors. Utilizing these simple storage methods in your bedroom and guest room, you can comfortably fit all of your clothing, bedding, and accessories without caving to the temptation to clutter your sleep space. Create a sleep sanctuary where your collection of thirty pairs of shoes is safely hidden away.

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