Bedroom Playlists and Music for the Bedroom

Bedroom Playlists and Music for the Bedroom

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We're all about offering you an awesome sleep experience in our super soft and comfy SHEEX. That's why we're in the business of providing you sexy, edgy, and cooler bedding and sleepwear that make that possible night-after-night. Although, while our sheets are designed to keep you cool and collected, there's always room for heating things up in the bedroom before you drift off in slumber.

If you've got a romantic evening planned, we've got the key ingredient that will make your time in between the SHEEX a little sweeter. Music has a reputation for intensifying one-on-one time by increasing signs of arousal such as heart rate and breathing rate. According to Mel Magazine, "if you're an anxious person to begin with, music can — according to several studies — help reduce our stress level. This alone is enough to make the sex better." That was all they needed to say. For the love of better intimacy and sex, we've curated playlists to remind you what love and lust are truly about. We've selected some of the best of modern and classic jams sung by R&B revolutionaries and pop stars alike, including vibes from Chaka Khan and Al Green to *NSYNC and Adele. The remedy for a much-needed night of tender, love and care is a combination of love-inducing tunes and the right SHEEX products. Together, this duo is bound to make sure your evening is nothing short of sensual and memorable. Get cozy under the ECOSHEEX Temperature Regulating Comforter to the sultry sounds of Luther Vandross. Heat things up in our SHEEX Luxury Copper Sheet Set with melodies sung by Faith Hill and Leon Bridges. Then close out pillow talk with heads atop our Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow with help from your friends Barry White, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé. Like we said, turning on these jams is a surefire way to rekindle the flame in the SHEEX, no matter how cooling the fabric might be.

What's not to love about chart toppers? We've collected some of our favorite top hits for the bedroom, but try not to get caught up singing the lyrics while your partner is busy getting things done.

If you're one for powerful piano ballads and classical music, turning on one of these Spotify-curated playlists on in the bedroom will have you feeling classically romantic.

According to How Stuff Works, "as far as sensory triggers go, music is powerful, and songs from adolescence and young adulthood are particularly so." With that, we've lured in nostalgia with some of our favorite throwback songs and put them in a playlist to get a good blend of dopamine and desire.

We've taken the time to curate a playlist of some of our favorite R&B hits from over the years for one unforgettable evening. These slow jams will make you feel like you're starring in a Luther Vandross music video.

Kick off your boots and get rowdy in the sheets to some of country's best love songs. From modern day country hits to country classics, these twangy tunes are all you need to tumble in the hay in our 828 Motion Sleepwear. Once you're ready for relaxation, transition from having your skin covered in soft sheets to being dressed in our 828 Motion Sleepwear, and fall asleep to Spotify-curated playlists that feature chill sounds and jazz-inspired ambiance. Just as Marvin Gaye would have it, we've got just what you need to get it on today, tomorrow and anytime you desire.

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