How to Sleep Cool on Hot Summer Nights

How to Sleep Cool on Hot Summer Nights

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The hot, muggy weather in the dead of summer makes sleeping comfortably nearly impossible. The intense heat can hinder your ability to sleep peacefully, especially if you like your room nice and cool. Studies have found that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for falling asleep. In a heatwave, you might need to bring in reinforcements by surrounding your body with whatever is necessary to achieve that optimal temperature. Follow our helpful tips below to learn how to get restorative rest even as temperatures skyrocket!

How to Sleep Cool During the Summer

Use Breathable Sheets

If you're wondering how to make your bed cooler, start with your bedsheets! At night, your sheets should be breathable and allow optimal heat transfer from your body so you can avoid breaking out in a feverish sweat. We have plenty of options for what to put on your bed during the summer. Inspired by athletic attire, SHEEX® Original Performance Sheets breathe 10x better than traditional cotton and wick away moisture to help you maintain your ideal sleep temperature.

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Looking for cool and ultra-smooth sheets? Bedding from our Midnight Label Bedding Collection is made with brrr° patented nylon fabric for the most cooling sleep experience. The material is also frictionless, which means that there's less stress on your hair and skin, so you won't wake up with morning crush wrinkles, dry skin, or tangled hair. For a fabric that's softer than silk, go for the SHEEX Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set crafted from 100% TENCEL® Lyocell, a sustainable material that comes from processed wood pulp. The hydrophilic (or water-attracting) qualities of Tencel mean that it is more efficient at keeping the body cooler when compared to a material like cotton. Tencel also naturally reduces bacterial growth without any additives.

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Invest in Soft and Breathable Loungewear

If you're wondering how to sleep when it's too hot, consider your sleepwear. Go to bed in summer with something light and loose to avoid night sweats. SHEEX Performance Sleepwear pieces are made with our signature moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating fabric for dry and comfortable rest. We want to ensure that you hit the hay with PJs that are Ridiculously Soft® and breathable for unparalleled sleep — which means no unpleasant buildup of sweat or heat! Our pajamas resist odors and help you achieve your ideal sleeping temperature. 

Rest on a Cooling Pillow 

Much of your body heat escapes from your head. Studies show that when you're overheated, you primarily sweat from the hair on your head to cool down. That's why your pillow should be an investment piece in your summer bedding! Wake up to the cool side of the pillow every morning with the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow. This pillow uses a cover with proprietary cooling fibers, and its top layer features TranquilAire™ Cooling Gel to draw heat away from your head for a continuous cooling feeling. 

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow


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Cool Down Your Core

Cooling down your core will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer: lowering your body temperature in your chest area signals to your brain that it is time to sleep. Keep your body cool through the night with a SHEEX cooling bedding that transports heat away from your skin while you sleep. 

Check Your Ceiling Fan

Turning on your ceiling fan to get a breeze going makes perfect sense, but did you know that your ceiling fan blades should rotate in a different direction based on the season? Your ceiling fan blades should rotate in a counterclockwise direction in the summer to push cool air down to your bed. In the winter, you want your fan to rotate in a clockwise direction to produce an updraft that keeps you warm and cozy. To conduct a quick test, simply turn on your fan and stand below it. If you feel a breeze, you're all set for summer! If not, get a ladder and look on the fan's housing near the motor for a small switch. Alter the switch's position to change the rotation direction of the fan.

Now that you know how to sleep in hot weather, switch out those sheets and pillows to prep for your summer bed. Every small change can make a huge difference in your sleep quality and your overall health!

Original Performance Sheet Set

Original Performance Sheet Set

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Midnight Label Sheet Set

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Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set


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