Is Sleeping on the Floor Actually Good for You?

Is Sleeping on the Floor Actually Good for You?

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Many relish the comfort and support that a high-quality mattress can offer. But can resting on the ground actually be beneficial for your body? We’ve rounded up what you need to know about the pros and cons of sleeping on the floor and go into why you might want to invest in a mattress instead. 

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor?

Is sleeping on the floor good for you? Some people swear by sleeping on the floor for back pain. Most of the case for resting on the ground relies on anecdotes, but this sleeping method does have its logical advantages. The floor is a hard, flat surface that can help your spine stay straight. The spine naturally curves, but too much curving on a soft, sinking mattress can lead to back pain. 

People who sleep on the floor will often use a sleeping bag, mattress topper, or folding mattress instead of resting directly on the ground. They will also support areas, such as between their knees and underneath their back, with extra cushioning. If you’re considering floor sleeping, the SHEEX® Travel Sleep•Sax is a compact sheet system that will keep you from direct contact with the ground while also letting you sleep soft and cool. Pair it with a pillow such as the SHEEX Infinite Zen Performance Pillow, which features Serene•Chill™ Memory Foam to optimize comfort, support, and responsiveness. 

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If you’re thinking about sleeping on the floor in the long run, consult a healthcare professional to see if it's the right choice for you.

Why You Might Want to Opt for a Mattress Instead 

Let’s consider the opposite: Is sleeping on the floor bad for you? It depends on a case-by-case basis. However, there are drawbacks to floor sleeping that can be mitigated with a well-designed mattress. 

Your floor can have dust, dust mites, bugs, and other critters. 

Your floor, especially if you have carpet, can be a host for dust, dust mites, bugs, and more. Dust can trigger allergic reactions such as sneezing, watery eyes, and other symptoms. Sleeping directly on the floor also makes you more vulnerable to spiders and other critters that can bite. If you sleep on the ground, you will definitely want to sanitize the floor frequently in addition to sweeping or vacuuming it. 

The floor gets cold. 

Staying cool and comfortable during the night can be beneficial for sleep, but you can get too cold. The ground becomes chilly quickly, which can be great during the summer but unpleasant during the winter. This sleeping environment is not ideal for older adults or those who are more prone to feeling cold, such as people who have type 2 diabetes, anemia, or other conditions. 

Sleeping on the floor may not offer enough support. 

Pressure points on the body, such as the hips, tailbone, shoulders, and back of the head, can cause you to feel pressure and discomfort when you sleep on the ground. As a result, you may not sleep as well if you sleep on the floor. A supportive pillow and mattress with adequate cushioning can relieve pressure and tension. 

If you want the benefits of a clean and comfortable surface, invest in a high-quality firm mattress. Some people will place a mattress directly on the floor or without a bedframe. While you can sleep on the floor with a mattress covered in hypoallergenic sheets, this method can make your mattress more prone to wear and tear in addition to sagging. Not to mention, you might get it dirty quicker and experience bed bugs. Placing a mattress directly on the floor can also attract mold and mildew because the mattress will not get proper airflow.  

We recommend pairing a mattress with a foundation. Our favorite mattresses for a restful slumber include the Performance Max Graphite Cooling Mattress and the Performance Max Quantum-Hybrid Cooling Mattress. Both provide firm to medium-firm support for maximum comfort and pressure point relief. No matter how you choose to rest, shop SHEEX sleeping solutions for supportive and comfortable sleep.

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