6 Sleep Position Meanings & Related Personality Types Explained

6 Sleep Position Meanings & Related Personality Types Explained

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Do you give any thought to what sleeping positions mean as you crawl into bed at night? You might start out in one of the three most popular sleeping positions — side, back, or stomach — and morph into a very unique sleep position as the night progresses. When you sleep, are you a starfish, soldier, or something else altogether? Our sleeping positions can reveal information about our personalities and preferences. More importantly, they can impact how we physically feel, too. Read ahead to learn more about your sleeping position and how you can make it as comfortable as possible with strategically placed support!

The Soldier

The Soldier position refers to sleeping on the back with the arms down at the sides and the legs straight out. This configuration can increase snoring or exacerbate sleep apnea. However, sleeping this way can be beneficial for back and neck health. Sleeping with a small pillow underneath your knees can help with spinal alignment. If you snore or have allergic reactions, elevate your head with a pillow or two.

The Soldier sleeping position is not a very common one. This sleeping position’s meaning is associated with quiet, reserved people who set high standards for themselves and others. 

The Starfish

The Starfish sleeping position is self-explanatory. Starfish sleepers rest on their backs with their arms and legs splayed out to the sides. This position can be difficult on the back, so experts recommend sleeping with a pillow under the knees.

Starfish sleepers are good listeners who are shy but always willing to help.

The Log

Log sleepers prefer to sleep on one side with their arms extended downward. They often sleep on one of their hands, which can make it difficult to rest comfortably. If you’re a log sleeper, find a pillow that fits your frame and is soft enough to comfort your face.

People who prefer this sleep position are often trusting and easy-going social butterflies.

The Thinker

Also known as The Fetal Position, this is the most commonly preferred sleeping style. The Thinker is described as the person sleeping on their side, curled up. Their knees bend up toward the stomach, and their arms usually rest on their pillow. While this is considered a comfortable position, you should put a pillow between the knees to relieve stress on the back if you sleep in this position. To avoid numbness, don’t bend your wrists tightly or sleep with one hand under the pillow. 

For those who prefer this sleep position, meanings can vary. People who sleep in this curled position can be shy but also quite personable. 

The Yearner

The Yearner is a more relaxed variation of The Thinker. The sleeper has their legs slightly bent and their arms outstretched forward as if they are reaching for something. This position can be hard on the neck, so look into a supportive pillow.

Yearners make decisions carefully and aren’t usually gullible. 

The Freefaller

Freefallers sleep on their stomachs with their heads turned to the side and arms hugging the pillow. This sleeping position can be easy on the digestive system and relieve pressure from the shoulders and hips. However, freefalling can be difficult on the back, especially if you have a soft mattress that sinks. It can also keep the neck in the same position for a long time. Ensure that you have a firm or medium-firm mattress and try to sleep with your arms spread out to either side.  

Freefall sleepers are extroverted and playful, though they may not take criticism well.


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No matter what your sleeping position might mean, you deserve high-quality rest. Supplement your sleep style with the right sleeping gear for uninterrupted slumber!

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