How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

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Washing bedsheets is one of those chores that no one really wants to do but clean sheets are a part of good personal hygiene. Plus, doesn’t it feel so good to climb into a freshly washed and made bed? It’s like cleaning and organizing your room. It’s work when you’re doing it, but once you’re done, you feel better about your home and yourself. 

In this blog, we provide answers to how often you should change your sheets, why you need to clean them regularly, and other frequently asked questions regarding washing your bedding.


How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

To keep your bedsheets consistently clean, plan to wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week. You can get away with changing your sheets every other week if you’re not susceptible to allergies, don’t sleep with your pet, and you or your partner don’t sweat often.

To help streamline this chore, keep an extra sheet set on deck. That way, you can easily dress your mattress with fresh sheets while your other ones are in the washer.

Things change a bit when it comes to illnesses. If you or your partner get a cold or flu, wash your sheets as soon as the symptoms subside. This will help kill the cold germs and reduce the chances of reinfection.  


Why Should You Wash Your Sheets Often?

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The biggest reason why you should wash your sheets regularly is because of dust mites. Your bed absorbs tons of sweat and dead skin cells from your body, which creates a breeding ground for these microscopic critters. In fact, 100,000 to 10 million dust mites could be living in your mattress right now. Gross!  

Luckily, dust mites don’t bite humans. However, they can cause uncomfortable allergic reactions, as well as skin rashes. Washing your sheets kills dust mites and germs. Do it regularly and your allergies and skin will thank you.


How Often Should You Wash Your Comforter and Blankets?

When it comes to comforters and blankets, you don’t need to wash them as often as sheets. The reason why is because you’re not sleeping directly on them and having full skin-to-skin contact. You should wash your comforter and blankets about once per season. However, if you deal with allergies, you may need to increase the washing frequency and consider hypoallergenic bedding like comforters, pillows, and mattress pads.


How Often Should You Buy New Sheets?

Over time, regular use and frequent washing break down the sheets’ fibers and show signs of wear and tear. Whenever your sheets start to look and feel worn out, it’s time to change your sheets. Two to three years is a good time to consider refreshing your sheets, but this time frame can fluctuate depending on the bedding’s quality. High-quality sheets like SHEEX® can last well beyond three years.


Should You Wash New Sheets?

Make sure to wash brand-new sheets before putting them on your bed. Have you ever wondered why sheets look so crisp in their packaging? Sheet manufacturers use a special starch called “sizing” to make their sheets look as alluring as possible. While sizing improves the appearance of sheets, it can leave the sheets feeling stiff and scratchy. So, it’s not a bad idea to wash your new sheets. It’ll soften the texture and give you a chance to test out the sheets’ quality to see if fading or shrinking happens.


The Bottom Line

You should wash your sheets once a week or, at the very least, every two weeks. Washing bedsheets might be a chore, but it feels so amazing once you sleep on, freshly washed bedding.  SHEEX® bedding is easy to launder.. They wash wonderfully and dry quickly, so you can get them back on your bed in a snap!  

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