10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's & Galentine's Day at Home

10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's & Galentine's Day at Home

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Love comes in many forms so, this Valentine's Day, we're forgoing the flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, and last-minute reservations in lieu of maximizing quality time with those who matter most. You don't have to plan a flashy night out on the town to have a memorable February 14. Whether you're enjoying Galentine's Day with all the single ladies or you and your partner are looking for time to reconnect as a couple, SHEEX is here to provide a few ideas to help you celebrate Valentine's Day at home.


For Couples

Valentines Date Night


Stay-At-Home Concert

Ah, music .. the language of love. Planning a dinner date night at home used to mean playing the perfect Barry White song. These days, why not curate a Spotify playlist for your partner and make music the main event? If you enjoy the classics, pick up your sweetheart's favorite record and have a vinyl listening party in your living room. Pop open a bottle of champagne and get lost in the tunes. Bonus points for playing music from your wedding day or first date!


Bubble Bath Date

There's something to be said about traditional gestures of love and romance. This year, take it back to the basics. Unwind and connect with your love au naturel in the tub. Draw a steamy bath with soothing bath salts, flower petals, and lots of bubbles. Before your partner returns from a long day at work, set up your at-home spa and add candles for extra flair. If you don't have a tub or jacuzzi large enough for two, turn this into a "treat yourself" evening with your favorite spa essentials. Sheet masks and foot scrubs for two can turn "me time" into "we time."


Small candles lit next to folded up towels


Draft an Adventure List

Are you a couple that loves to see the world? If so, you know that nothing beats that feeling at the end of your trip when you jump back into your own bed for the first time in days. This Valentine's Day, curl up under your velvety-smooth SHEEX Studio•Tech king-size bedding set, grab a pen, and start planning your next adventure together. Maybe it's a staycation packed with fun, local attractions that you've been meaning to experience. Shoot for exploring a different location once a week, whether it is going on a ghost tour or making your way to the county fair. Explore the hidden gems and fall in love with your city again.


Movie and Dessert Combo

Surprise your honey by buying or whipping up his or her favorite dessert in the kitchen. For many of you, it will be snowing on Valentine's Day, so burrow into your SHEEX Original Down Alternative Comforter and pop in a movie that you both love. You can make it a tradition by watching the same film every year. No need for something overly sentimental or cheesy — a comedy will keep the smiles going all night long.


Game Night

Bring out each other's competitive side and break out your favorite board games. Throw it back to the good ole' days with board games and a deck of cards. If you want to make each other laugh until you cry, try a game that's heavy in humor. Raise the stakes by setting a reward for the winner. Have treats waiting beforehand, or let the victor choose dinner for the rest of the month! And the loser? Well, they might go to bed mad, but a SHEEX Studio•Tech king-size bedding set can help cushion the blow.


Create Together

There's nothing more intimate than creating something new together. Whether you consider yourselves to be natural artists or struggling amateurs, creating a piece of art as a couple will provide lifelong memories. From painting with watercolors to scrapbooking, there's no end to what you two can craft on this loving holiday. Swap the paintbrush for a pencil and craft a poem together. For added romance, write a sonnet for your significant other and share them at the end of the evening before easing into our a matching set of our sleepwear made with Sleep•Fit Technology.

For Friends and Family


Galentine's Night In

Valentine's day doesn't have to mean date night. Are you living your best life with your girl gang and want an excuse to gather the gals sans significant others? Celebrate the holiday Galentine's Day-style and host wine night at home with the people that always have your back. Flip on the Netflix show you've all been talking about, or play a game to get the laughs going. A couple of bottles of Chardonnay or bubbles from ONEHope Wine will make the night unforgettable (as long as you avoid having too much)!


Galentine's Yoga Night

Looking for a healthy twist for celebrating Galentine's Day? Encourage your girls to bring their yoga mats and follow along with a YouTube yoga routine. After a little girl talk and vinyasa, they may want to "namastay" the night.


SHEEX Vday Guys Night


Palentine's Game Night

There are plenty of dudes who skip romantic celebrations on Valentine's Day, so why not get together and turn the holiday into a classic guy's night. Get the guys together for an Xbox tournament or test your gaming strategies with a few rounds of Risk or Monopoly. If you're lucky enough to have a buddy with a pool table and big screen, make his house home base for a night of friendly competition and sports on-demand. With all the crowds out on the town, it's a great time to have your pals over and hang.


Build a Sugar House

Have kiddos? Here is an activity the whole family can enjoy without leaving the kitchen: Bake and build your own Valentine's Day sugar house, a holiday-appropriate twist on the yuletide gingerbread house. Don't fret about making it perfect — you'll end up scarfing it down anyway.

No Valentine's Day at home is complete without proper bedding. Let us provide the perfect setting for Valentine's Day with a set of our SHEEX Original Performance Sheets. Cooler, deeper sleep will leave you feeling revitalized, whether you are all cuddled up or sleeping solo after an unforgettable night with friends.

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