New Year, New You: Check Out These 4 Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed

New Year, New You: Check Out These 4 Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed

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Whether your New Year resolution is to get better sleep, try a new type of yoga or, hit the gym before work, this is the perfect time to reset and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Ease into the new you by slowly introducing subtle changes each day rather than plunging headfirst into an intense HIIT session on January 2. This year, launch your wellness journey from the comfort of your bed. That's right. Stay in your pajamas while practicing these simple pillowtop yoga poses to start your year on the right foot.


Corpse Pose


To begin your yoga session, gently awaken your mind and body from a deep sleep with the corpse pose. Lying flat on your back with your arms slightly outstretched, inhale and exhale with deep, steady breaths. Let the constant rhythm of oxygen flow through your veins and naturally energize your body. Once you've taken a few deep breaths, carry that cadence throughout the rest of your new yoga routine atop a set of our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Sheets.


Child's Pose


Women doing the child's pose on her bed


Hold this position for one minute while ensuring a cadence of deep breaths. Fitness Magazine recommends "sitting comfortably on your heels, rolling your torso forward, bringing your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you, then lowering your chest as close to your knees as you comfortably can." Slowly reach your arms in front of you, continuing to lean forward and sink your hips towards the mattress.


Locust Pose


Lying with your stomach against the mattress, slowly raise your arms behind you towards the ceiling. Then, gently lift your head, followed by your chest, while planting your toes into the plush layers of our Performance Cooling Mattress. This light stretch combined with 10 to 15 breaths will arouse the brain while strengthening your core.


Adept's Pose


Woman doing the Adept's Yoga Pose in bed


Yoga Journal suggests, "sitting with your ankles lined up, softly closing your eyes, and becoming aware of your heartbeat." Stretch your torso upward slightly, while inhaling, then exhale while "rooting down through your seat." Continue this pose for about three minutes, around 30 to 45 breaths.


By simply adding these yoga poses to your morning routine, you'll benefit from improved flexibility, enhanced mental clarity, and additional energy so you can accomplish all your new year resolutions. Because these poses can be done between our SHEEX performance bedding, do this yoga routine before bedtime if your goal is to get some quality sleep this year. Information for this article was sourced from Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, Fitness Magazine, and Daily Burn.

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