Product Spotlight: The Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

Product Spotlight: The Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

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Each week we’re diving BetweenTheSHEEX to explore what exactly makes our favorite sleep solutions the best. First up, we sat down with our Director of Product Development, Mary Beth, to learn more about the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow.

EXCITING UPDATE: The coolest pillow on the internet just became even cooler. Our Infinite Zen Performance Pillow now features enhanced breathability with new airflow tunnels!


Why did we make this? 

MB: We designed our Infinite Zen Performance Pillow for our customers who wanted a little more support in addition to our goal of promoting a cool, restorative night’s sleep. Our goal with this innovative sleep solution was to develop an adaptive memory foam pillow with maximum breathability. Plus, we wanted to add a cooling component so that heat would not get trapped inside. Ultimately, we wanted to create a pillow ideal for all sleepers whether you sleep on your side, stomach, back or anything between.

Adding a cooling layer directly to our foam creates a micro-climate that regulates temperature & humidity. Finally, we designed a Ridiculously Soft® luxe jacquard-knit cover made of cooling fibers that help to transfer heat away from your skin. Our Infinite Zen pillow is responsive, supportive, and cooling.


Zen Test Update from SHEEX on Vimeo.


What makes the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow different from other pillows on the market? 

MB: Our Infinite Zen pillow keeps you cool and comfortable in 3 ways.  

At the core, our Serene•CHILL memory foam provides maximum uninhibited airflow, heat won't get trapped. We've added our TranquilAire cooling layer, which transfers heat away from your skin to keep you cool all night long. The final layer, our luxe jacquard cover, is knitted with cooling fibers that are super soft and durable. 


Is there anything else to call out about the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow? 

MB: Yes! I think it’s important to mention that the Infinite Zen Pillows are CertiPUR-US® certified. The foam used to create the pillow has gone through rigorous testing and meets strict safety standards.  You can read more about the CertiPUR-US® certification here

Lastly, it’s important to mention that we infused our pillow with Microban® fresh & clean technology to provide antimicrobial protection that resists the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold & mildew.


What customers are saying: 


Find your Zen now!

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

$104.25 $139.00

Description Details Care We guarantee the SHEEX Infinite Zen Performance Pillow will be the coolest and most comfortable pillow you’ve ever rested your head on. This pillow features the latest advances in pressure-relieving comfort, support, airflow, and instant and long-lasting… read more

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