Products We Love for February

Products We Love for February

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This weekend is full of some really important holidays. We’re all going to be extra tired so we’ve compiled a guide of the best SHEEX sleep solutions for each of them!

Feb. 11th | National Inventors Day

Our favorite inventors? That would be the SHEEX Co-Founders & Co-CEOs, Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak! While SHEEX has expanded into multiple bedding collections, Original Performance Sheets are what started it all.

With over 5,000 5-star reviews, Original Performance is easily our most popular sheet set. This collection breathes 10x better than traditional cotton sheets, which helps minimize night sweats. Plus, our lightweight fabrics allow your body to cool itself naturally, so you can put an end to sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations.

Read more about the fearless women who lead our business here.

Original Performance Sheet Set

Original Performance Sheet Set

$199.20 $249.00

Description Details Care Put an end to over-heating and other sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations and start getting the great night’s sleep your body needs to perform at its peak.Our luxurious, ridiculously soft sheet sets breathe 10x better than traditional cotton sheets,… read more

Feb. 12th | The Big Game

Planning on pacing a lot during this super bowl? Or maybe you think you might sweat this one out a little more than usual? We recommend spending the day in our Sleepwear.

Made from the same ridiculously soft SHEEX® performance fabrics as our sheets, our sleepwear provides unparalleled breathability and moisture wicking to maintain your body at its ideal sleep temperature while resisting odors.

Feb 13th | Galentine’s Day

There’s nothing like the support of our best friends. Double up on that support by gifting our pillows that are designed for specific sleep positions.

We filled the Side Sleeper Pillow has a 2" gusset to properly distribute the fill for a consistent loft across the entire pillow, providing neck support and better spine alignment for side sleepers.

The Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow has a lower profile, perfect to keep the head and neck perfectly comfortable and supported throughout the night.

Our third pillow, the Infinite Zen Performance Pillow, is meant for all sleepers. This pillow was created to be the softest, most resilient, and responsive memory foam pillow on Earth.

Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow


Description Details Care Do you spend sleepless nights pillow flipping, or flipping yourself from side to side, searching for a cool, comfortable spot to lay your head? Then, our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Down Alternative Pillow for Side Sleepers is the solution… read more

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow


Description Details Care Cool, breathable, adaptable - the ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Down Alternative Pillow does it all. Utilizing our cool-to-touch, moisture-wicking ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE fabric combined with phase changing Cell Solution® CLIMA fill in the outer removable cover, this pillow provides optimal… read more

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow

Infinite Zen Performance Pillow


Description Details Care We guarantee the SHEEX Infinite Zen Performance Pillow will be the coolest and most comfortable pillow you’ve ever rested your head on.This pillow features the latest advances in pressure-relieving comfort, support, airflow, and instant and long-lasting cooling.… read more

Feb 14th | Valentine’s Day

You love them every day, but on the day dedicated to love, treat them to luxury. The Midnight Label Collection is SHEEX’s latest innovation in sleep.

By fusing the cooling minerals embedded in brrr˚ Nylon with our SLEEP•TECH® Technology, SHEEX has engineered the absolute best bedding ensemble for hot sleepers, proven to create a reduction in skin temperature that won’t ever fade or wash out over time.

Plus, your loved ones can say goodnight to morning crush wrinkles, dry skin and brittle, tangled hair and wake up rejuvenated from this SHEEX revitalizing sleep experience.

Midnight Label Sheet Set

Midnight Label Sheet Set

$301.50 $335.00

Description Details Care The Beauty of Performance™Are you ready to experience the coolest, most luxurious night’s sleep you have ever had? Introducing the SHEEX Midnight Label Sheet Set, our latest innovation in performance bedding! SHEEX® has partnered with the revolutionary… read more

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