How to Wash Your Pillow

How to Wash Your Pillow

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Your favorite pillow is your haven after a long day of work, so how do you keep it pristine so that you can rest assured that you’re laying on a clean surface? We at SHEEX® are here to give you the lowdown on how to wash a pillow, whether it’s a down alternative or a memory foam one. You'll no longer have to ponder over questions like, "Can you put pillows in the washer?" Ahead, we’ve rounded up tips for cleaning your pillows for fluffy, tidy goodness that'll send you into a deep sleep.

How to Clean a Down Alternative Pillow

Cleaning a down or down alternative pillow is relatively easy to do, and the good news is that it’s usually machine washable. Filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester, the SHEEX Original Performance Down Alternative Pillow (both the Side Sleeper Pillow and Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow) is supportive, breathable, moisture-wicking, and, of course, washable. With this pillow, use a large capacity washer and dryer for cleaning. Put the setting on a gentle cycle and cold, then tumble dry on low. Note that with any pillow, you should read the care tag and warranty before any washing attempts!

How often should you wash your pillow? 

It's generally recommended that you wash your pillows, particularly washable down alternative ones, every four to six months. With that in mind, when should you replace your pillow? You’ll know it’s time when you fold your pillow in half, and it doesn’t fluff back to its original shape. A persistent odor is also a good sign that you should start investing in a new pillow. 

How to clean a memory foam pillow 

The INFINITE ZEN PERFORMANCE PILLOW offers support, comfort, and breathability with SHEEX Serene•Chill™ Memory Foam. It also comes with Microban® fresh & clean technology to provide antimicrobial protection, but how can you clean stains and dust on it? Cleaning memory foam, of course, requires careful consideration. You may gently spot clean your memory foam pillow with soapy water and blot it or let it air dry, but you should never toss your pillow into a washing machine or hand wash it, as doing so will damage it and void your warranty. Some sleepers will also clean their memory foam pillow with a vacuum hose and baking soda, but you'll want to be careful with this method. 

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How to clean a pillowcase 

Besides spot cleaning your memory foam pillow, you can wash your pillowcase every week or two to keep it fresh for sleep. Luckily, cleaning a pillow cover is straightforward. Set your machine to cold and gentle and wash your pillowcase with like colors — there’s no need to add bleach. Tumble dry on low afterward. Note that you don't need to iron SHEEX pillowcases, as they resist wrinkling, fading, and shrinking!

Ready for breathable, moisture-wicking goodness? Lay your weary head on SHEEX pillows and pillowcases that'll turn deep, restorative sleep from a dream into a reality. 


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