Cuddling With Your Fur-ever Friends

Cuddling With Your Fur-ever Friends

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As bedtime draws near each night, do you head to your sleep sanctuary with a pet in tow? If you are a member of the SHEEX family; chances are that you do.

SHEEX Co-Founders/Co-CEOs Michelle Marciniak and Susan Walvius have different bedtime rules for their dogs.

In Michelle’s house, her English Springer Spaniel boys (Bing and Jasper) get cuddle time on the couch and occasional trips to snooze with Mom following a bath. But they also enjoy side-by-side sleeping in their comfy crates at night outfitted in SHEEX, of course.

“I love cuddling with my pups on the couch,” said Michelle.  “They don’t care what kind of day you’ve had; they are always consistent and give you unconditional love.  It is a great way to unwind after long stressful days and they somehow seem to take the stress completely away."

“Only after they’ve had a bath do they get to sleep in the bed and when they do, they LOVE sleeping in their SHEEX with their Mom.”

On the other hand, Susan is training her Black Lab baby, Buck, who is happy to plop down anywhere at home for 40 winks as a rambunctious puppy. 

“I’ve always had two dogs and when I got Buck, I thought he would be lonely so I let him sleep with me, even though he gets a little gassy as a puppy,” Susan quipped. “He sleeps at the very end of the bed and sleeps through the night now.  One of his favorite things to do in the morning is crawl under the covers and snuggle."

“He gets a weekly bath, and for now, I change the bedding three times per week.  Buck is super sweet, smart, has so much energy and still needs lots of training.  He shows so much affection and excitement when I come home or walk into the room and he loves to play!"

“I’m in love with my six month old puppy!”

In the United States, 67% of American households own at least one kind of pet with 63.4 million or 53% of American households owning dogs while 35.7% of households own cats. It is interesting to note that cat-owning households have an average of two kitties each. More than ever before, pets are truly considered to be part of the family. So it is not surprising that 56% of dog owners say they allow their four-legged buddy to co-sleep in their bed.

Those national statistics bear out as well at SHEEX. Among the SHEEX family, dog owners lead the way with 76%, cat lovers are 33%, while fish come in third at 1%. Ten people have more than one pet and three have both dogs and cats as family members.

In an informal SHEEX poll, 77% say yes to pets sleeping in their beds while 72% allow them to sleep on top of the covers and 43% let them sleep under the covers as well. Over 50% of SHEEX pet owners spend more than 10 hours a week cuddling with their pets on the couch. On the question of “If your pet sleeps with you, do they give you comfort/a sense of well-being/relaxation?” the response was an unanimous YES! 

While the SHEEX family each has their favorite pick of our amazing bedding, everyone was quick to point out the benefits for your pets sleeping in or on SHEEX whether it is co-sleeping, on their bed beds or snuggling on the couch.

Cotton sheets are a bad fit for pet bedding because the dog or cat hair can become trapped between individual threads, making cleaning and maintenance a nuisance. To snooze comfortably with your favorite pal night after night, the best choice is SHEEX® Performance Bedding.

Our fabrics feature SLEEP•FIT® Technology which easily repels pet hair. To freshen your sheets, just brush off excess hair in the morning. Enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking qualities will keep you and your pet comfortable and cooler all night long for a deeper restorative night's sleep.

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