Three Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Three Benefits of Sleeping Naked

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Deciding what to wear as you drift off to sleep should really be a choice of comfort. When you prefer to be cool at night you will probably skip the thick cotton pajamas and nightcap, especially if you and your partner are cuddling up underneath a SHEEX Original Down Alternative ComforterBut beyond the type of clothes you wear to bed, ask yourself: why are you wearing clothes in the first place? Many studies have been conducted on our slumber preferences, and enough data has been collected to illuminate some advantages (and considerations) of sleeping in the buff. Man drinking coffee in bed

How Many People Sleep Naked?

This is a frustratingly difficult question to answer. The percentages vary widely from study to study, and for good reason: all studies pool different types of individuals in certain regions of the world. One study that surveyed British citizens asserted that 40% of people sleep in the nude, while a different study commissioned by Men's Fitness found that only 17% of us sleep sans clothing. One thing is clear - a large percentage of the population has never tried going to bed buck naked. So are you ready to ditch the pajamas and try a night in your birthday suit? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should, according to scientists who study these things:

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

  • Sleeping naked promotes intimacy and leads to happier, more fulfilling relationships. The psychological aspect of this seems obvious: when there is literally nothing separating you and your bedmate it is all too easy to initiate intimacy and get in the mood. But the data is there to correlate this finding: according to that first poll we mentioned, 57% of couples that sleep in the nude consider themselves in happy relationships, compared to 48% of couples in happy relationships that wear pajamas or sleepwear at night. That is quite an uptick!
  • Sleeping naked helps you sleep better. You had a suspicion this is what we were really interested in, and you were right - reducing the amount of fabric between you and your sheets allows your body temperature to regulate itself easier, avoiding disruptions to your sleep cycle and allowing you to snooze through the night by keeping you cool.
  • Sleeping naked improves your health by keeping your hormones balanced. If you sleep peacefully through the night (see point number two) your body is able to maintain healthy cortisol levels and reduce your overall stress. The skin-to-skin contact inevitable in sleeping nude releases oxytocinwhich immediately improves your mood. Eliminating layers of clothes and blankets also allows your body to release growth hormones and thereby burn more fat, rebuild muscle, and repair tissue.

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So Should You Go Commando?

Science shows that sleeping naked provides a number of health benefits and can break down barriers between you and your significant other. Just make sure you conduct your own study using SHEEX Original Performance Sheets. It's for science after all so you might as well do it right.

But I Love My PJ's - What Can I Do?

Sleeping in the buff is not for everyone and if you find yourself in those ranks you might just want to check out our SHEEX Performance SleepwearOur Sleep•Fit® Technology will give you enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking benefits, and amazing thermoregulation so you can keep cool and sleep all night long unless of course, things heat up with that naked person in your bed.

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