How to Layer Your Bed for Summer

How to Layer Your Bed for Summer

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Throughout the winter months, you want to be warm and cozy as you drift off to sleep. As you transition into summer, the heavier bedding that worked in cooler temps can now cause sleepless, sweaty nights of tossing and turning. This summer, perfect the art of layering your bed and remain cool during the balmiest nights.

Consider Lighter Color Bedding

Before addressing the individual bed layers, consider the color effect: Dark colors absorb more heat, making you hotter when the sun is out. For this reason, white, cream, gold or light blue bedding is a smarter choice for summer. Lighter colors such as white and blue naturally repel heat, no matter the fabric. In addition, looser-woven fabrics including cotton will retain more heat, as the air pockets between fibers act as insulators and can make you feel overheated. Now, let's start layering your bed.

Start Below the Sheets

Your mattress is one of the most important factors for a good night's sleep. Many trap body heat, which can keep you up at night. Switching out your mattress for the summer may not be realistic, so why not choose a mattress pad designed for cooling comfort? Our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Mattress Pad will help you doze off each night with heat-transferring fabric that is ultra-lightweight. Girl sleeping in bed with light sheets

Choose a Cooling Sheet

On top of your mattress pad, the first layer of your summer bedding should promote thermoregulation and offer moisture-wicking properties to keep your body naturally cool amid the summer heat and humidity. The Original Performance Sheet Set is an ideal choice for your bottom layer because of its soft and lightweight fabric structure that creates superior ventilation. Looking for another ultra-cool option? Go for the Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set, crafted from 100% Tencel® lyocell to provide ultra-soft cooling comfort. The fibers contain submicroscopic channels that help regulate absorption and release moisture for a more comfortable and cooler night's slumber.

Swap to a Lighter Top Layer

Heavy comforters most likely will not lead to a peaceful night's sleep in warmer months. Ditch that thick down comforter and opt for a lighter coverlet for your top layer of summer bedding. The ECOSHEEX Bamboo Coverlet is designed to pull moisture away from the skin so it can evaporate, leaving you cool and dry in the middle of July. Constructed of 100% woven viscose from bamboo, the coverlet is plush, lightweight and available in a variety of inviting colors. You will feel safe and cozy in your bed without feeling weighed down when you choose a coverlet or our Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter made with CoolX™ technical fibers. EcoSHEEX Coverlet

Incorporate a Thinner Throw Blanket

For your top layer, avoid wool or fleece throw blankets, especially those with additional lining. Choose a light and breathable throw blanket in an accent color to create a smart and practical top layer that will not overheat you in high temperatures. If you choose the ECOSHEEX Bamboo Coverlet as your top layer, a throw blanket will not be necessary to give your bedding that look of being complete. Feel free to put the "throw" in throw blanket and store them in your linen closet for the summer.

Add Thick Curtains

Beyond your bedding, consider outfitting your windows with thick curtains designed to reduce heat and sunlight exposure. Blackout curtains keep the temperature of your bedroom consistent throughout the day for an uninterrupted snooze. Lighter-colored curtains repel heat before it can enter your room and ramp up the temperature. Fighting summer heat may seem like a never-ending battle for some, but with the right bedding layers, you can sleep cooler and better throughout the night. Browse the SHEEX website to secure great deals on the bedding you need to stay cool this summer.

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