What Is Thread Count & Is It Important for Your Sheets?

What Is Thread Count & Is It Important for Your Sheets?

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Many consumers equate a higher thread count with a higher-quality sheet. And why shouldn't they? For decades, manufacturers have convinced buyers that higher thread count is the ultimate metric of a better sleep. 800-thread count sheets? They must be heavenly! But this measurement is less indicative of your sheets' quality than you realize. Here is why the thread count doesn't always add up:

What Is Thread Count?

Thread count is the measure of how many vertical and horizontal threads are present in one square inch of fabric in your sheets. However, the way some manufacturers obtain this measurement can be confusing. In order to bump the thread count, some manufacturers twist three smaller low-quality threads (or plies) together so they can be counted THREE times. They will tell you the thread count is 750 even though one inch of the sheet only contains 125 horizontal threads and 125 vertical threads. This practice eliminates the space between the threads that are essential for thermoregulation. Combining threads restricts airflow during the night, transforming your sleep from cool and peaceful to hot and fitful. sheex technical fabric for better sleep

Is Thread Count Important?

Thread count can provide some basic information about the composition of your sheets, but there are more important factors to consider before you decide on a new sheet set. For example, buyers should do some basic investigation into the weave and the feel of the fabric. The weave of the fabric determines its softness and durability - for instance, the weave of satin makes it luxurious and soft but requires more delicate cleaning and care. The feel of the fabric will also determine the tranquility of your sleep. SHEEX® performance sheets, inspired by your favorite performance fabric athletic gear, use knitted fibers instead of tightly woven threads, so they remain ultra-soft to the touch while not shrinking or fading wash after wash. In fact, they are designed to get softer every time you wash them.

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What Are My Other Options?

With a traditional high thread count cotton sheet you may be sweating all night long. Traditional cotton sheets trap body heat which causes you to get hot, experience night sweats to cool off, and ultimately wake up in soaking wet sheets. You can ditch the high thread count cotton entirely to elevate your sleep quality and experience a new level of satisfactionSince SHEEX Performance Sheet Sets are not constructed with tightly woven threads, they promote airflow to transfer body heat twice as effectively as traditional cotton sheets, reducing temperature fluctuations at night. SHEEX breathable fabrics release heat away from you to keep you cool and wick moisture to keep you dry, delivering more restorative, rejuvenating sleep. Sleep soundly through the night with SHEEX Cooling Sheets that go beyond standard cotton metrics like thread count.

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