Best Pillowcase Materials for Healthy Hair

Best Pillowcase Materials for Healthy Hair

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You know you've spent precious minutes at your local beauty supply store looking at rows and rows of hair brushes wondering if a detangling or paddle brush will be better for the health of your hair. But maybe it's not just your brush that's pillaging the nutrients and goodness from your locks. It could also be your pillowcase.


To most, the primary function of a Pillowcase is a pretty piece of fabric that enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom. They also protect your pillow from moisture, dirt and oil buildup that collects on your skin. But, if you don't have the right kind of pillowcase, your comfortable night's rest could turn into a tangled all-day nightmare.


According to a recent article published in Women's Health, cotton pillowcases "create friction against your hair," pulling on the strands like your siblings used to do when you were younger. That leads to frizz, tangles, breakage - and ultimately more wrinkles for you. That's why the material you're using to cover your pillows is so important to your precious locks.



Silk and other tightly woven pillowcases such as our Midnight Label Pillowcase Pair achieve healthier, frizz-free hair (and skin). The Ridiculously Soft® and silky-smooth fabric of our cool to the touch Midnight Label Pillowcases are frictionless, reducing the stress on your hair and skin caused by the tugging and pulling associated with traditional sheets. Say goodnight to morning crush wrinkles, dry skin and brittle, tangled hair and wake up rejuvenated from SHEEX revitalizing sleep experience.


So, how do you go about choosing the best pillowcase for your hair?


According to The Sleep Judge, "silk and synthetic fabrics are your best bet for a good sleep surface to keep tangles and split ends at bay." Pillowcases made with silk, satin and microfibers operate similarly, offering a close-knit weave. Sometimes this can create a less breathable surface — unless you opt-in for a SHEEX pillowcase that offers the best of both worlds.


What are the best materials?


There are many materials to choose from when it comes to your pillowcases. However, you want to make sure they are the best ones. The last thing you want is a fabric that twists and breaks. No matter if you wake up with a tangled mess or want to bring the bounce back to your curls, here are some pillowcase materials you should be searching for:


Silk: This one comes as no surprise. Silk pillowcases have been popular in households for years, especially for those who make a priority of taking care of their hair. Silk has a way of maintaining moisture in the hair while allowing its natural hypoallergenic DNA to resist other bedtime detriments. If you want to rid yourself of pesky hair problems, finding a silk pillowcase is a good place to start.


Satin: This material was built on the foundation of silk, offering up that same smooth and desired texture. A tight weave means your hair won't get pulled by harsh fabrics. Satin is not absorbent, so you can hang tight to your moisture-loving locks.


Microfiber: A microfiber pillowcase is made up of a synthetic fiber that is thinner than a strand of silk. This fabric, too, creates a smooth and soft surface using a tight weave, meaning less breakage in your hair. And, because the material is synthetic, you don't have to sacrifice hydration for comfort.


The late evening is when you begin to unwind and treat yourself with your rose water spray and eye cream. But don't forget that you're spending seven to eight hours each night sleeping on your pillow, so make sure you're making the most of these hours by choosing the right pillowcase.
The Original Performance Pillowcase is silky soft and allows hair to glide over the surface. It also has breathable and moisture-wicking technology that is crucial in maintaining bedtime regimen long after the night cream has been applied. Through and through, everyone wants controlled body temperature, and these fabrics can assist with that — which, in turn, is great for the skin. Talk about living your best life!

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