Your Guide to Tencel, a Sustainable New Fabric

Your Guide to Tencel, a Sustainable New Fabric

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Sleep sounder, cooler, and greener with TENCEL™ Lyocell sheets. The SHEEX® Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set uses 100% Tencel, but what is Tencel? Just like cotton and linen, it's a plant-derived textile that's breathable and eco-friendly. In honor of Earth Month this April, we're taking a moment to talk about the innovations behind Tencel, a relatively new sustainable material that's excellent for both clothing and bedding.

Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set

Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set


Description Details Care Made from naturally hypoallergenic fibers, our 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell SHEEX® Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Sets are softer than silk and thoughtfully designed with SHEEX® CoolX™ Technology that wicks away moisture to keep your body cool and comfortable while… read more

What is Tencel Made Of?

Let's start with the basics: What is Tencel made of? Tencel, the trade name for Lyocell, comes from cellulose found in wood pulp. Manufacturers create it by dissolving sustainably sourced wood pulp and drying it in a process called spinning. The wood pulp mixture is then treated and turned into yarn

How Does Tencel Impact the Environment?

Tencel’s production leaves a small carbon footprint since the materials used in turning wood into pulp and fiber are reused repeatedly. Tencel is produced with a "closed-loop" solvent system, which means that almost no solvent gets dumped into the ecosystem. The manufacturing process also does not require bleach that releases toxins into the environment; Lyocell already comes out white when produced. Additionally, 100% Lyocell is biodegradable, as it's made from a naturally derived material.

How Does Tencel Perform?

Tencel has many green benefits, but how does it perform? Tencel fabric is a high-quality material that feels great against the skin, making it ideal for clothes, upholstery, towels, and, of course, bedding. Depending on how it's produced, it can feel like silk or cotton — that's to say, it's soft, breathable, and lightweight. Tencel has a very smooth surface area, too, so it's naturally hypoallergenic. Because it has high absorbency, it also takes to dyes for long-lasting color.

And no worries about maintenance — caring for Tencel is easy. You can machine wash it with like colors and get small creases out with a warm iron. Lyocell fibers generally resist shrinking, so the fabric is very durable.

All these qualities naturally make Tencel an ideal choice for bedding. Our Lyocell sheets feel softer than silk and are engineered with SHEEX® CoolX™ Technology to wick away moisture and keep your body cool while you sleep. Tencel sheets absorb moisture efficiently, so you feel comfortable and dry while you rest. For a material that's gentle on the Earth and your sleep, look no further than the Tencel used in the Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Sets from SHEEX!

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