Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

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Weighted blankets have become a popular sleep accessory over the last several years as many people use them to help manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia. If you’re interested in the calming effects of weighted blankets, keep reading to learn more about these sleep accessories and why SHEEX® offers the best weighted blanket on the market.


What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is similar to a cooling comforter, but but the fill material is the biggest difference between these two bedding items. Inside a weighted blanket, you’ll find sewn-in pockets filled with weighted objects such as plastic pellets, tiny steel balls, micro-glass beads or even sand. The pockets are constructed like a patchwork quilt, allowing the blanket’s weight to be evenly distributed all over your body. This firm, yet gentle pressure can help promote relaxation and comfort;  it is usually best described as a gentle hug.


SHEEX® CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket provides a 100% cotton inner cover that’s filled with 90% cooling glass beads and 10% polyester in six-inch box pockets for even weight distribution. It’s attached to the outer shell with eight extra-strong interior ties, ensuring the inner blanket stays perfectly in place.

SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket

SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket


DESCRIPTION DETAILS CARE SHEEX¨ CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket Put an end to anxiety-induced insomnia! Calm your nerves and sleep soundly as our 15-pound weighted blanket gives you the serene and comforting sensation of being held or hugged. The SHEEX… read more

What is the Benefit of a Weighted Blanket?

Whenever you get cozy under a weighted blanket,it  feels like a big bear hug — and we all know how good that feels! The thing is, though, that there’s actually some science behind weighted blankets.


The purpose of these blankets is based on the therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation — or deep pressure touch. Often employed by therapists, deep pressure stimulation helps promote the release of serotonin and melatonin. According to Healthline, this technique can lessen anxiety, improve mood, and boost relaxation.


If you deal with insomnia or anxiety, our CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket makes a perfect sleep companion. Once you get under it, you’ll experience a serene, comforting sensation that’ll ease your mind and lull you to sleep. 


How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

Most weighted blankets are sold in five-pound increments and usually range from 5-30 pounds. The general rule of thumb is to get a weighted blanket that’s 10% of your body weight. This isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast rule, but more of a recommendation to get you on the right path. Take note that there might be some trial and error. If you find yourself feeling trapped under a weighted blanket, a lighter one might be better for you. If you don’t experience that calm and relaxed sensation, consider bumping up the weight.


SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket weighs 15 pounds and measures 48"x72" to comfortably cover one person. It’s not too light nor too heavy, which makes it an excellent starting point to get you into the world of weighted blankets. 


Other Factors When Choosing a Weighted Blanket

How to choose a weighted blanket? Comfort and the weight itself play significant roles in finding the right blanket, but there are a couple of other things to consider, as well.


Care and Maintenance

If you’re planning on using a weighted blanket regularly, get one that’s easily washable. Your washer and dryer can’t handle the weight, so it’s important to get a weighted blanket with a removable cover.


Our CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket provides an outer shell with a hidden zipper that you can machine wash. As with all SHEEX® products, our blanket is easy to care for. We suggest cold water and choose a regular cycle with no bleach or fabric softener. Then, tumble dry on low with no fabric dryer sheets. The inner blanket with the pocketed glass beads should be spot cleaned only with non-chlorine bleach and warm water.

MIDNIGHT LABEL Cooling Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch

MIDNIGHT LABEL Cooling Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch


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No matter how cool you keep your bedroom temperature, some people just tend to sleep warmer than others. If you’re a hot sleeper, having a heavy blanket wrapped around you can exacerbate the problem. Not with our weighted blanket!


The outer cover of our CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket is made from  performance fabric which means it’ll breathe and wick moisture away better than other weighted blankets to help you stay cool and maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.. You’ll also love the RIDICULOUSLY SOFT® feel thanks to the outer cover’s brushed texture.


The Bottom Line

If you’re regularly dealing with stress, anxiety, or insomnia, a weighted blanket could be the thing you need to calm your mind before hitting the hay. Our weighted blanket helps you get in a state of relaxation by giving you the sensation of being hugged. You can fall and stay asleep faster while staying cool and comfortable all night long thanks to its ultra-soft, breathable performance fabric. 

Get the SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket today!

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