Product Spotlight: Original Performance Pillows

Product Spotlight: Original Performance Pillows

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Each week we're diving BETWEENtheSHEEX to explore what exactly makes your favorite sleep solutions the best. This week, we sat down with our Director of Product Development, Mary Beth, to learn more about the Original Performance Side Sleeper and Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillows!

Why did we make these sleep solutions?  

MB: Our Original Performance Pillows were designed as a key component to the SHEEX Sleep System for a restorative night's sleep. After extensive research, we found that the perfect pillow should be supportive, extra comfortable and, most importantly to us, cooling. Because of this, we wanted to make sure our pillows perform. We've chosen the best materials to solve the common problem of night sweats by using innovative technology in the quilted cover, as well as composing our inner core of hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating down-alternative fill.  

We also went a step further and designed the pillows for specific sleep positions. Our Side Sleeper Pillow has the perfect density and height for proper neck and head support. The pillow features a 2" gusset to maintain its shape and cloud-like surface. The Stomach/Back Pillow is constructed with a lower loft to help maintain a good sleeping posture.  

What makes our Original Performance Pillows different from others?  

MB: We've designed our pillows using innovative cooling technology in not only the quilted pillow covers but the down-alternative fill, as well. The fabrics used do not trap heat or retain moisture so that you will always have a cool side of the pillow. Our Performance stretch knit has also been proven to have excellent moisture-wicking properties. The fibers move vapor away from your skin to the surface where it quickly dissipates.  

Our pillow covers are designed using CellSolution® Clima fibers. Clima fibers are smart fibers because they accumulate heat from your skin and hold it until you need it back. This creates a micro-climate by constantly adapting to your skin temperature. Our pillows, like all of our Performance products, deliver the promise of a better night's sleep.  

Is there anything else that is important to mention about the Original Performance Pillows? 

MB: Our Pillows feature removable and washable covers, making it easier to keep your bedding fresh and clean! Plus, both Original Performance Pillows are hypoallergenic helping you wake up refreshed and allergy free.

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