How to Take Care of Your SHEEX

How to Take Care of Your SHEEX

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SHEEX® fabrics are designed to take care of you, helping you remain cool and comfortable through the night for deeper, better sleep. So why not return the favor? The yearly time for spring cleaning is upon us. As you begin your cleaning regimen, take this opportunity to refresh your sheets. Learn how and how often to clean your SHEEX sheets to keep them at their best. sheex laundry

How to Wash Your SHEEX Sheets

Every SHEEX bedding item includes specific washing instructions, typically on the tag or within the product packaging. This should be your main guide, but follow these general practices when cleaning your SHEEX sheets:

  • Wash your SHEEX sheets in cold water on a regular cycle setting. Include similar fabrics and colors in your wash, and avoid overloading the washer.
  • When washing SHEEX sheets, skip the bleach and fabric softener. Bleach can wear down the fibers in our performance bedding, and fabric softener is not necessary due to the composition of our SLEEP TECH™ fabrics.

No Need for Fabric Softeners

Liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets are often used to help reduce fabric wrinkles or soften the fibers of fabric. However, these products can be harsh and damaging for technical fabrics. Because SHEEX performance fabrics were developed to be wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking, it is best to skip fabric softeners to preserve the products' innate qualities. Softeners can coat the fibers of athletic fabrics like SHEEX, which can fade their moisture-wicking capabilities. You won't miss the fabric softener! Tumble dry your SHEEX sheets on low and remove them from the dryer once dry. SHEEX sheets will not take long to dry because of their moisture-wicking qualities. If you accidentally leave your sheets in the dryer at the end of the cycle, do not panic - SHEEX performance fabrics are wrinkle-resistant.

How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?

There is no hard and fast rule here, but to keep your bed feeling as fresh as possible, we recommend switching out your sheets once a week. You should follow this guideline more closely during the sweaty summer months but in the winter, waiting a bit longer is perfectly acceptable. If you purchase multiple sets of sheets, you can wait until you have enough laundry for a full load before beginning your wash. When washed with other SHEEX fabrics your sheets should not retain any static! wrinklefree sheets

How Do I Avoid Shrinking or Wrinkling My Sheets?

You do not need to use fabric dryer sheets or iron your sheets because SHEEX performance sheets are inherently resistant to wrinkling. Wash your sheets with like colors and fabrics for best results. Regardless, SHEEX sheets are constructed to hold up well against fading and shrinking. Keep this guide handy to give your bedding the treatment it deserves. Your sheets will look and feel fresh wash after wash!

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