Can Green Sheets Improve Your Sleep?

Can Green Sheets Improve Your Sleep?

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Do you feel relaxed in blue environments? Or maybe a little nervous in a yellow room? Color Psychology can help us take a deeper look at how colors can affect our mood. 

Green is believed to be the most restful and peaceful color on the color wheel. It also symbolizes abundance and tranquility. In honor of our new Original Performance color Sage Mist, let’s look at green’s impact on you and the world around us.

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Restful & Relaxing

Outside we find lush green grass and many green hues in the trees above. Imagine slipping off your sandals on a warm summer day and feeling the cool grass under your feet. Relaxing, isn’t it? Green might not scream relaxation at first, but its natural roots can actually be extremely soothing.

Doctors will use the color green in waiting rooms or even in their offices to help keep patients at ease. Before going on camera, many people wait in a “green room” to relax.



Because of green's tight ties to nature, it can also be connected to feelings of growth. Growth, whether it be within yourself or nature around you, can be an extremely refreshing feeling.

Green can also be associated with more eco-friendly campaigns. Think about ditching the straw and plastic bags and “going green!” Also, here’s a shameless plug for you to check out our green, eco-friendly Arctic Aire•MAX Collection. 

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On the opposite side of the mood spectrum, green is seen to some to be energizing and motivating. We can look at studies relating green to positive and red to negative. Think of a traffic light. Red means stop and green means safety or, “GO!” 

Studies like these have also connected red with the notion of failure and green with success. For example, green is the color of money which is more times than not, a huge motivator.


Green is tied to Saint Patrick’s Day and Irish American culture. Saint Patrick’s Day is full of luck and charms, so it’s no surprise that green is often associated with feelings of optimism. Another study found that when exposed to green participants “experienced increased feelings of hope and decreased fear of failure.” 

Are you in need of a refresh and looking to lighten up your bedroom? The color green will add relaxing and even energizing vibes to your space. Your search ends here. We know our limited-edition Original Performance Sage Mist sheet sets and pillowcases will bring you endless bliss! 


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