Sweet Dreams: Thoughts on Sleeping in SHEEX by Abbie and Winston The Dood

Sweet Dreams: Thoughts on Sleeping in SHEEX by Abbie and Winston The Dood

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First Impressions

Upon opening the package, Abbie noticed how soft SHEEX® are. She was also impressed with how light and stretchy they felt, so similar to some of her athletic wear.

"Immediately, I could tell SHEEX® were totally different than any other sheets I'd used." - Abbie

"The package was not full of cookies, so I was a little disappointed, but I guess new sheets are okay if they mean I can cuddle with Mom." - Winston

Already, Abbie was excited to try them! Winston was looking forward to spending more time in bed.. hogging it, which is where he excels. IMG_1905

Pet-Parent Approved

As a pet parent, Abbie takes Winston into consideration when it comes to sleep.

"I definitely think about Winston when I buy bedding." - Abbie

Winston's been sleeping alongside her since he was five months old, so Abbie makes it a point to choose bedding that is soft, comfortable and lightweight. She also looks at the care instructions and colors offered, noting that she prefers sheets that wash and wear well.

"I prefer soft bedding that doesn't get too hot because all my fur already keeps me warm." - Winston

Winston noted that he needs durable sheets that can withstand his nighttime routine, which includes jumping on and off the bed and turning around no less than 4 times to find the perfect spot.


When both you and your dog get warm at night, it can be difficult to share a bed. (It can also be difficult when your dog is a huge bed hog!)

"I'm a hot sleeper, too, and then add a 73-pound dog with long, thick fur, you can imagine how warm we both get." - Abbie

Winston with sheex

"Mom says I am a bed hog, but I'm more like a big fluffy teddy bear." - Winston

But with SHEEX®, Abbie noticed a marked difference. Usually Winston hops off the bed for the cool floor about an hour after going to sleep. Once SHEEX® had been put on the bed, he not only stayed on the bed longer, he moved around less.

"SHEEX® are amazing! They keep us both cool, even cool enough that I'm able to snuggle up to Mom at night now!" - Winston

Winston wasn't the only one who reaped the benefits of sleeping with SHEEX®. Abbie also saw a noticeable difference in her own sleep, staying asleep longer and waking up well-rested.

"I used to toss and turn most nights because I get so warm, but SHEEX® kept me cool enough that I didn't wake up multiple times during the night having to throw the covers off." - Abbie

Even after sleeping in them all night, Abbie said the sheets were still cool and comfortable when she woke up. Winston snored his approval.

Off to the Land of Nod

Abbie and Winston had a great week in SHEEX® and were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product and how much it improved their sleep. Abbie's favorite part? The softness!

"I truly didn't think they would make that much of a difference in my sleeping patterns or comfort at night, but they've really helped me get to sleep and stay asleep much longer! I feel so much better when I wake up after sleeping in my SHEEX®!" - Abbie

Winston's favorite part? Being a bed hog (or big fluffy teddy bear). He gives SHEEX® 5 out of 5 tail wags.

"I can't wait to get into MY big doggy bed after a long day at doggy daycare, spread out and cuddle with Mom." - Winston

We hope you have many more good nights in SHEEX® and that you have pleasant dreams filled with chasing rabbits and squirrels. Sleep well, Winston. Winston sleeps on SHEEX® Original Performance in Ecru. IMG_1937

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