Doggy Diaries: Winston The Dood Discovers SHEEX

Doggy Diaries: Winston The Dood Discovers SHEEX

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Day One: A Package Arrives

Mom called me a bed hog again this morning. At first, I was sad about being called a hog — she makes me endure baths enough, so I know I don't smell. At least not much. I do occasionally roll around in the mud, though. When the doorbell rang, I forgot all about being called a hog and turned my nose toward the door, knowing that my cookies would be on the other side. After sniffing the box, I knew someone must have played a trick on me. Box smell = no cookies. Mom is making a big fuss about it, though I don't know why — it just smells like a box to me. Then, she opened the box and pulled out a black bag with something shiny inside. She's so excited. What's the big deal? Now she's making me pose with the package. I think she thinks I should be as excited as she is. I just don't get it. I would know by now if there were treats inside. Mom finally unzipped the bag. As I suspected, no cookies. But as she pulled out the light, shiny stuff and began to cover the big doggy bed where we cuddle every night, I felt the soft fabric brush my nose and my tail started wagging. Maybe the stuff is for me, after all. I do spend a lot of time in this spot.. not that I'm a bed hog or anything. IMG_1913

Day Two: What's Softer Than Me?

Something wonderful has happened. Last night Mom and I fell asleep on the new, soft covers, which she calls "SHEEX®" and I felt like I was burrowing into one of those white fluffy things I see way up in the sky high when she takes me outside. Mom said it might even be softer than ME. No way! But, I really do love rolling around in this stuff.. it's so much fun! Actually, it kind of reminds me of the shirt Mom puts on when she takes me outside to chase rabbits . Well, she doesn't actually do the chasing — that's all on me. But she DOES like to run and keep up with me! I heard her say that her shirt keeps her cool, so I guess these covers do too. IMG_1952

Day Three: The Floor Is For Suckers

Usually a little while after Mom falls asleep, I get too hot. I have a LOT of fur , after all. I end up leaving her comfy arm nook for the hard floor, which I begrudgingly enjoy only because it's cool on my paws. But last night, I cuddled with Mom for so long. I wasn't hot or anything. It must be this soft stuff, which is even better than I first thought because it seems to keep me cool, too, just like it does for Mom. And I think Mom had a better night than normal — she gave me EXTRA cookies this morning! Woof! IMG_1965

Day Four: Top Dog

I bragged to the other dogs at daycare today about my new friend: SHEEX®. That's right, it's not a cookie, but it's my friend because it keeps me dreaming almost all night long and cuddles with me like Mom. I love to chase rabbits in my dreams, and now I can do that for hours on end. No sheep for me.. only rabbits and squirrels. The other dogs weren't that impressed. They only want to talk about their treats and smelly things. It's all about them. Oh well. I can always brag to my new friend SHEEX® how great I think he is. Who doesn't like to hear what a good boy they are? IMG_1932

Day Five: Conflict

Does Mom like SHEEX® more than she likes me? I'm a little worried because she's staying in our big doggy bed a long time this morning. She continues to be in a better mood this week, so I guess that makes up for my new friend SHEEX® competing for Mom's attention. She did introduce me to this new soft and cuddly friend, so that has to count for something, right? I really hope she gets up soon and lets me out to pee, though. IMG_1910

Day Six: Sweet Dreams

I think I figured out another reason why I'm getting so lucky with having these long rabbit-chasing dreams. I used to get hot and wake up, but Mom also used to wake me up a lot too. She seemed to think it was funny throwing the heavy covers off of her and onto ME instead. I didn't get the joke — I'm the one covered in fur, after all! Thank goodness Mom hasn't done that to me all week. Bunny feet, hoppity-hopping, here I come! IMG_1925

Day Seven: Leaps and Bounds

Today Mom had to drag ME out of bed. I must admit, I could get used to this life of laziness. Mom says we have to stay active, though, and she even took me for a run to chase real rabbits . Once I had shaken off the laziness, I tagged along like a champ! It seems like we both have more energy, and it's not just because all the good-smelling pretty flowers outside are popping back up. Mom and I are pretty much worn out now. I can't wait to meet up with SHEEX® later and cuddle for a long time. This new friend of ours is pretty dog-gone neat! Bed hog-approved. IMG_1937

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