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Camping Tips: How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent

Camping Tips: How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent

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Camping offers an excellent opportunity to unplug from modern society and reconnect with Mother Nature. However, getting a good night’s sleep on the hard ground instead of your luxurious mattress can be tricky. Don’t let this stop you, though! With the right gear and planning, you can sleep soundly under the starry sky. 


Follow these tips below to help catch some ZZZs on your next camping trip.


Choose a Proper Tent Site

Picking the right site to pitch your tent is important for a comfortable camping experience. Find a flat, durable area with natural insulation and padding. Then, clear any sticks, pinecones, rocks, and other debris. This setup will be way more comfortable than sleeping on bare rock or hard dirt.

how to sleep in a tent comfortably

Get a Sleeping Pad 

A sleeping pad provides support and cushioning between you and the ground, making it the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent. There are three types of sleeping pads: air-filled, foam-filled, and self-inflating. If you’re driving to your campsite, you can get away with a thicker, wider pad for maximum comfort. For backpackers, weight and space are vital, so a lightweight air or closed-cell pad might be a better option.


Complement your sleeping pad with SHEEX Travel Sleep•Sax. It's a one-piece, extra-large travel sheet system designed with a built-in pillow pocket that's big enough to fit a king-size pillow. SHEEX Travel Sleep•Sax also comes with a drawstring travel pouch, so you can easily carry it in your backpack. Wherever you go, you can now take our Ridiculously Soft® sheets with you!


Pick the Right Covers

Once you choose a sleeping pad, it’s time to think about your covers. If you’re planning to camp during the colder months, sleeping bags are always a tried-and-true choice because they’re designed to retain body heat to keep you warm. Be sure to shop for one with a temperature rating appropriate for your camping destination.


Are you going to camp during the summer? Consider sheets designed to keep you cool at night like SHEEX Cooling Sheets. Using innovative performance fabrics, our cooling sheets provide optimal breathability, moisture-wicking technologies, and unmatched comfort so you can enjoy a deeper, cooler sleep.

Original Performance Sheet Set

Original Performance Sheet Set


Put an end to over-heating and other sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations and start getting the great night’s sleep your body needs to perform at its peak. 25% Off Original Performance Sheets Bonus Pair of Pillowcases FREE Ground Shipping 60-Night Risk-Free Guarantee... read more


Support Your Head

A pillow can help maintain a sleep posture similar to the way you lie down on your mattress. Consider SHEEX Cooling Pillows if you're driving to the campsite. Our pillows provide moisture-wicking performance fabric and Cell Solution® CLIMA fiber to regulate body temperature. This combination allows your head to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow

Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow


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If you’re backpacking, you’ll need something portable like the TANDEM Pillow. Use the included pillowcase and memory foam topper to create an unbelievably comfortable neck pillow with two breathable sleep surfaces and a ventilated neck lining

Experience Pillowcase

Block Out Distractions

Sometimes while camping, you’re blessed with natural white noises like a nearby river or trees rustling in the gentle breeze that can help lull you to sleep. Other times, you’re not so lucky. Maybe your camping buddy is a notorious snorer, or the campers nearby are a little too loud. Whatever the case may be, always pack earplugs so you can drown out those distracting night noises. 


Also, consider packing an eye mask such as the Original Performance Cooling Sleep Mask. Made with the same breathable fabric as our sheets, this sleep mask provides an ultra-soft canopy for your eyes while effectively blocking out light disruptions. Put our sleep mask on and enjoy sleeping in without the early sunrise waking you up!

Original Performance Cooling Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch

Original Performance Cooling Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch


Description Details Care The Original Performance Cooling Sleep Mask + Travel Pouch is made of the same fabric as our ultra-plush Original Performance Sheet Set and is designed to provide a soothing and soft resting canopy for your eyes. Whether... read more


Drink Sleepytime Tea

It’s tempting to indulge in some adult beverages while your friends are enjoying drinks around the campfire. But if you want a good night’s sleep, alcohol isn’t the answer. It can help you fall asleep faster, but the quality of slumber suffers. Instead, sip on herbal tea such as chamomile or lavender to help you get ready for bed. Just be sure to go to the restroom before you hit the hay.



It can be unsettling sleeping outside in a strange, new place. Take a moment to wind down if you think you might have trouble sleeping during your camping trip. Reading, journaling, and meditating are a few ways to relax and get ready for sleep.


You can also bring along the SHEEX Calm + Cool Weighted Blanket if you’re not backpacking. Our weighted blanket is designed to stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin through deep-touch pressure, which is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Get under this weighted blanket and you’ll feel like you’re being hugged! 

SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket

SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket


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