Royal Plum: Sleep Like Royalty

Royal Plum: Sleep Like Royalty

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Take your sleep space to the next level this autumn and winter with the luxurious, rich tones of our newest color, Royal Plum.  

Not only will our newest color make you feel fit for royalty, but color theory says a whole lot more about what adding deep purple tones can do for you! We investigated some of the psychology surrounding purple. We know that purple is a secondary color, mixed from both red and blue. Each of these colors has their own color theory that helps shape our newest Royal Plum! 


Purple’s other half, blue, also shares some of its color psychology with purple. Blue often reflects feelings of calm; therefore, purple takes on that aspect as well. Research shows that these calming colors have even been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate. 
Investing in a set of these Original Performance Royal Plum Sheets would be a sleep changer. Let these soothing cool tones lull you into a deep, restorative sleep. 

Luxury & Power

Wake up feeling luxurious and powerful in Royal Plum. In color theory, purple is often associated with royalty and thus is associated with luxury. This trait comes from its red ancestry. Red often reflects power and ambition, more traits that can be connected to purple’s royal ties. 


Purple is said to radiate magic and mysticism. Similarly, in a way that magic inspires, purple is often known to inspire creativity! If you are in a creative slump, whether it be writing, painting, designing, or even just trying to think of a creative solution to a problem, adding some purple sheets to your sleep haven might be the answer! 


SHEEX is so excited to bring this vibrant new color to the Original Performance Collection. Whether you are looking to find your power, to find a new calm or looking for inspiration, we guarantee Royal Plum is the answer.


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