Getting into the Halloween Spirit: 5 DIY Ways to Use SHEEX and Your Scary Old Sheets

Getting into the Halloween Spirit: 5 DIY Ways to Use SHEEX and Your Scary Old Sheets

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After glancing at the title on this blog post, you may be wondering if ghouls and goblins have taken over at SHEEX. Why would WE humans ever suggest altering a set of comfy sheets for Halloween?

Well, the answer is simple: You've been tricked! Sort of. After all, it's that time of year again!

October is the perfect month to buy a set of SHEEX Performance Bedding. Cooler weather is in the air. The holidays are near. We make it easy to create the ideal conditions for a deeper, more restorative sleep. Plus, there's an added treat: You can upcycle your scary old sheets to construct a DIY Halloween costume to shine brightly without spending anything on a new outfit. And, most importantly, you can ring more doorbells and return home with extra goodies because the flexible fabric stretch of SHEEX pillowcases can hold more candy. Here are ways to use your scary old sheets to have the best Halloween ever:

Go as a Ghost

Ghost costumes can be more than just two holes cut out in the middle of a top sheet. With scissors, a sewing kit and a sheet or two, you can construct any twist on the classic ghost costume in a short time. Do you want to be a friendly ghost? A spooky ghost? A specific character from your favorite cartoon? For inspiration and instructions, check out this blog detailing how one mom made no-sew ghost costumes for her kids. While she used fleece, you can easily use your old sheets to create the perfect DIY bedsheet ghost costume. 

Fly into Superhero Stardom

Put together a popular costume and skip the expensive trip to the Halloween store. If you and/or your kids are deep into a superhero phase (how many superhero movies came out this year?), what is a better way to make fantasies spring to life than to fashion a superhero cape from old sheets?

Instead of buying a trademark outfit that likely will cost you a fortune, craft a cape by trimming your sheets and tying them safely around the shoulders and neck. Use a black marker or non-toxic paint to draw logos and signature slogans on the back of the cape. To stay safe, do some preliminary measurements and check that the cape does not extend below the knees. Otherwise, someone could trip and fall as they rush from door to door.

Be a Greek Goddess

This timeless costume will not cost you a single cent. Depending on how ornate your assembly is, the costume can range from a casual toga to an elaborate Greek goddess. Anyone wearing this costume will feel empowered and remain more comfortable while walking around when compared to store-bought costumes that limit mobility and cover a face. Costumes like these promote ventilation and heat displacement, two qualities we really love at SHEEX. Sewing is not required to construct this simple Halloween favorite. All you need is a pair of sheets large enough to fit around a trick-or-treater's frame. Grab some safety pins and follow these instructions to make your own toga costume out of a sheet.

Collect Tons of Candy

Pillowcases are sturdier than plastic bags and better for the environment. That's why traditionally sized pillowcases are a smart option for trick-or-treaters to collect candy! Once you have made the transition to a SHEEX Cooling Pillow and an accompanying moisture-wicking pillowcase, that old pillow wrapper can be utilized to the max while going door to door. The fabric and design of our pillowcases allow way more candy to fit inside compared to cotton pillowcases, ensuring each ghost or princess comes home with quite a candy haul. If you have a king-size SHEEX sheet set, there'll be even more room for a candy bonanza.

Rest and Relax After a Busy Night

Halloween is a nighttime revelry. When it falls on a weeknight, you'll likely have to go to work or school the next day. When you outfit your bed with performance bedding and a mattress topper from SHEEX, you'll transform your sleep spot into a relaxation haven where you'll toss and turn less and recharge more. You'll awake fully refreshed after spending a Halloween night dressed in our unbelievably soft sleepwear and wrapped in our thermoregulating, ultra-soft sheet sets. That's not a frightening proposition at all! Customers have proven that our sheets are surely all treats and no tricks.

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Finally...A Cool Sheet!!

With countless promises from so many manufacturers of a cool night's sleep, this sheet IS COOL!!! I live in Central Florida and it is HOT during the summer, I have been through SO MANY sheets that my wife calls our closet the "sheet graveyard". Mr. My Pillow has great quality sheets, but they're hot...these are not! In short, they are soft, extremely comfortable, and breathe like nothing else we have owned. We LOVE them...thank you SHEEX!!! Take their word for it and don't be ghoulish.

Get yourself some ridiculously soft sheets before spooky season ends.

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