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Feel The Difference with The Beauty Of Performance®

SHEEX has partnered with the revolutionary team at brrr˚ to create, literally, the world’s coolest bedding, guaranteed to provide you with an unrivaled sleep experience. The Triple Chill Effect™, which combines a proprietary mixture of cooling minerals, active wicking technology and quick-drying fabric. All proven to keep you cooler so you get the deepest, most restorative night's sleep.

The exclusive partnership between SHEEX and brrr˚ has resulted in our coolest bedding set and accessories, guaranteed to provide you with an unrivaled sleep experience.

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Midnight Label Sheet Set shown on bed #choose-your-color_mist-gray
Mist GrayPorcelainSpa BlueStone
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Spa BlueStonePorcelainMist Gray
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Lifestyle of Midnight Label shown in Porcelain #choose-your-color_porcelain

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PorcelainMist GraySpa BlueStone

Save an extra 10% OFF when you bundle a comforter with your duvet cover purchase!

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Original Performance All Season Comforter shown folded
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Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter shown folded
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midnight label pillowcase stack shown in Spa Blue #choose-your-color_spa-blue
Spa BlueMist GrayStonePorcelain