Product Spotlight: NEW Original Performance Prints

Product Spotlight: NEW Original Performance Prints

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Introducing SHEEX's luxurious Royal Plum and Graphite Shadow Stripe prints that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bedding but also offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond mere visual allure. The carefully curated patterns on these sheets seamlessly blend style with functionality, creating an inviting and sophisticated ambiance in your bedroom.  

Beyond their captivating appearance, the Royal Plum and Graphite Shadow Stripe prints by SHEEX are designed to enhance your sleep experience. Crafted from our innovative Original Performance fabric, these sheets boast breathability and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring a comfortable and cool night's sleep. 
Let’s take a deeper dive with our Director of Product Development, Mary Beth, and learn what makes Original Performance one of a kind: 

Why did we make this sleep solution?  

MB: Our co-founders, Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak invented SHEEX Original Performance bedding to solve one of the most common sleep disrupters - sleeping hot. 
Both elite athletes and coaches, the duo noted in the gym one day that the athletic clothing they were wearing helped them stay cooler and even drier. They thought it would be amazing to have bed sheets made from this same material. Bedding that functioned and made them feel cool and dry and as a bonus, are Ridiculously Soft®. Through their exhaustive research and testing, our co-founders developed the Original Performance Sheet Set that provides the restful and restorative night's sleep you’ve been searching for! We like to say with SHEEX fabrics, you can "Feel the Difference"!

What makes our Original Performance Sheet Set different from other brands & your other sheets?   

MB: The SHEEX® Original Performance fabric is multi-functional and super comfortable. Our patented innovative fabric and fabrication keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your body, where it quickly evaporates. 
Constructed with our SLEEP•FIT® technical fibers, our Performance Sheets release heat, so your skin stays cool. Unlike traditional cotton sheets which are stiff and trap heat and moisture, SHEEX fabrics are 10x more breathable and are unbelievably soft. Our super-stretch knit performance fabrics feel amazing against your skin so you and your sleeping partner will not fight over the sheets anymore. Did we mention our fabrics are easy to care for and wrinkle-free?


Why did we decide to add our first-ever pattern to the Original Performance Collection?  

MB: The stripe pattern adds modernity and elegance to your bed, transforming it into a focal point of your bedroom decor. With our commitment to quality and innovation, the Royal Plum and Graphite Shadow Stripe prints not only enhance the visual appeal of your sanctuary but also contribute to a restful and rejuvenating sleep environment.  
Upgrade your bedding experience with the perfect blend of style and comfort that SHEEX offers in these exquisite NEW prints.

Original Performance Sheet Set

Original Performance Sheet Set

$186.75 $249.00

Description Details Care Put an end to over-heating and other sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations and start getting the great night’s sleep your body needs to perform at its peak.Our luxurious, ridiculously soft sheet sets breathe 10x better than traditional cotton sheets,… read more

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