Make The Bed Of Your Dreams With These 4 Easy Styles

Make The Bed Of Your Dreams With These 4 Easy Styles

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Want to create a haven of relaxation and comfort to match those dreams? Below you'll find four different, easy style ideas to make the bed, each paired with the perfect SHEEX® products.

Simple Sophistication

For the sleepers who love simple sophistication and minimalism, make the bed using only a fitted sheet and duvet cover. Join the European trend of dressing your bed simply with the streamlined linens you love. The SHEEX® ONE Collection Sleep System is the perfect combination of products, including one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, two pillowcases and two pillow shams. For an elevated, inviting look, fold your duvet in half to create a turned-down appearance that just begs you to lie down. _MG_3673

Pillow Paradise

Too many pillows? There's no such thing. If you want to give your bed an ultra-plush appearance, layer pillows at the head of it. However, pillows aren't just a great way to make the bed plush and inviting — they're also critical to ensuring that you get the best, most comfortable sleep at night. Whether you're a back, stomach or side sleeper, there's a SHEEX® pillow for you. With cool and comfy options in both down and down alternative, there's no wrong choice — you'll find the pillow sure to help you get your best sleep and complete the bed of your dreams.

Matching and Coordinating Comfort

If your home is the pinnacle of matching and coordinating accents and features, your bedroom should follow suit. Match or coordinate your sheets with a box spring wrap to create a perfectly pleasing aesthetic and seamless look that will draw the eye over to a well-put together bed. The SHEEX® ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE sheets paired with our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE box spring wrap are the perfect matching companion pieces for any bed. TECH SUEDE-5551-Edit

Complete Bliss

A complete package can be challenging to find when it comes to the perfect bedding for your ultimate sleep experience. However, if you love having every element from the same brand and line, SHEEX® is perfect for you. Our ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Collection includes everything you could ever want to make the bed of your dreams: a sheet set, pillows, a duvet cover, a comforter, a box spring wrap and a mattress pad. Don't waste your time shopping at different stores, buying different brands and discovering that not everyone is created equally. Choose SHEEX® and get the complete package for better sleep. IMG_5846-Edit Make the bed of your dreams, no matter how you sleep or what your bedroom style is. SHEEX® products are designed not only to be stylish, but also to be cooling and comfortable to ensure you get the most restful, restorative sleep possible each and every night.

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