Sleep Challenge Week 4: Wake Up to Fun

Sleep Challenge Week 4: Wake Up to Fun

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We're counting down the seconds until the final horn sounds in the concluding week of the #ScoreWithSHEEX Sleep Challenge, and we're ending on a winning note. Morning routines can positively impact mood and performance for the entire day, but they can get dull from time to time. Why not spice up your family's ritual with a little bit of fun? Complete these challenges to set you and your family up for a successful day:

1. Set Your Alarm To a Fun Song: When it comes to alarm clocks, many people settle for a nuclear siren or some other stock noise on their phone to force themselves out of their comfortable bed. Instead, swap that annoying sound for a fun tune. Pick any song you think would energize you and keep you from lying in bed all day. If you need a little direction, choose a positive tune that builds gradually and has a strong beat in the 100 to 130 BPM range. Then, use that song to get your kids to wake up and get moving.  Sleep Challenge Week 4: Plan a Delicious Breakfast: 2. Make Your Bed: This may not sound like fun, but it's so satisfying to knock out this little chore before starting your day. Plus, there are multiple benefits that come with making your bed such as improved mood, better productivity and lowered stress among others. Just be prepared to nag your kids about doing it — if you don't already.

3. Get a Bluetooth® Speaker for the Shower: When you hit the shower, don't just sing by yourself. Grab that shampoo bottle or showerhead and croon along with your favorite tunes via Bluetooth® speaker. You might already have one, but if not, here are shower speakers you and your family are bound to love. Sleep Challenge Week 4: Doing Something You Love

4. Plan a Healthy Breakfast: Your kids need to have a well-rounded breakfast to be successful in the classroom. After all, eating breakfast every morning can increase concentration among many other benefits. Don't reach for the sugary cereal or frozen waffles, though. Choose healthy foods packed with dense nutrients to give you and your family that much-needed fuel. Plus, there's a ton of healthy family-friendly recipes you and your kids can make together the night before.

5. Carve Out 10 Minutes Doing Something You Love: There's nothing fun about haphazardly getting ready and scurrying out the front door to take your kids to school. Make an effort to wake up earlier than normal and set aside at least 10 minutes doing something you love. This can help put you in a good mood and mentally prepare you for the day ahead. Whether it is reading, writing, drawing or yoga, there's no wrong way to spend your "me time."

6. Offer Rewards for Finishing Early: Whenever your kids get ready ahead of schedule, reward them with an activity they love to do, whether it's watching TV, playing video games, or scrolling on the computer. They get to do something fun, while you don't have to worry about being late to work. Sounds like a win-win.

7. Do a Morning Activity on the Weekend: You and your family finally made it to the weekend, so now what do you do? Instead of just lying around doing nothing, make plans to spend some quality time together. There are plenty of things to do that everyone can enjoy including biking, playing catch, and spending time at your local farmer's market. If your family has a dog, head to your nearest park and stroll along the scenic trail.

8. Listen to a Fun Podcast: Podcasts are taking over terrestrial radio as the go-to soundtrack for morning commutes. Whether you enjoy listening to fun facts, history or fictional stories, there's a bevy of podcasts to keep you entertained. Whenever you're taking the kids to school, put on a podcast both you and your little ones will love. Sign up for the #ScoreWithSheex Sleep Challenge with your email address to be entered for a chance to win one of three Original Performance Sheet Sets. One lucky winner will also receive this week's featured prizes: Original Performance Box Spring Wrap and Original Performance Fitted Sheet. Winners will be notified via email. Complete these challenges and see how injecting some fun into your morning routine can improve your day. Don't forget to share your success stories on Instagram using the hashtag: #ScoreWithSheex. SLEEP COOL. SLEEP DRY. SLEEP COMFORTABLE.™

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