Tips to Survive a Hot Summer Night Without AC

Tips to Survive a Hot Summer Night Without AC

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As we head into the heart and heat of the summer months, people without air conditioning will quickly find out why it is so hard to sleep in the summer. Besides longer days affecting our alertness, a more relevant reasoning demonstrates why counting sheep during this season is such a struggle.

According to Dr. Michael J. Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor, "ambient temperatures — the temperature of the environment that surrounds you — can have a significant effect on how much and how well you sleep." The latest results from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) show that 87 percent of U.S. households -- about 100 million homes -- are now equipped with AC.. However, when it's hotter than heck inside and out, and if you are part of the 13% without AC, the temperature will significantly interfere with how well you sleep. As the temperature around you goes up, your quality of sleep lessens. "Hot temperatures make it harder for the body to shed and cool itself. Steamy and humid nights cause people to wake more often during the night, reducing the sleep efficiency," says The Sleep Doctor. Here are some tips on how to cool down during these hot coming months and take the summer heat head on.

Choose Performance Fabrics

Although the idea of silk sheets sounds sensual, it also sounds sweaty. In the summertime, you're going to want to opt in for fabrics that put thermoregulation at the forefront. Not to cramp your style by any means, but performance sheets breathe a heck of a lot better and are ultra-light weight. In fact, this sounds like our Original Performance Sheet Set. Coincidence? Absolutely not. With these sheets, you can get something that performs like silk without the sweaty nights.

Get Creative with Fans

If the summer heat has got you beat, you can do a couple of things to get the airflow just right and the temperatures a little cooler. Move the hot air out of your room by pointing a box fan outward on a window ledge. This will suck all of the hot air out of the space. If you have a ceiling fan, set it to turn counterclockwise. This moves the hot air up and out. You can also create a cross breeze from your window to your fan. Place a fan on the opposite side of the room and you'll be caught in the middle of just the right drift. If all else fails, simply kick it old school. Place some ice cubes in a pan in front of your fan and let it create a misty breeze that keeps you cool

Wear Loose, Little or No Clothing

In winter, people love cuddling up in cozy sweaters and sleeping in socks. But in the summertime, less is more - and vital. To keep your body temperature regulated, try wearing loosely fitted sleepwear. It would be a miracle if sleepwear offered thermoregulated and breathable fabrics. Miracle granted! We call it 828 Motion Sleepwear. But, when all else fails and it's just too damn hot, lose the threads. Sleeping naked definitely has its benefits.

Put Pressure on Your Pulse Points

Most of your body's temperature can be controlled at your pulse points. Your wrist, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees are the masterminds. In the summer, apply ice packs or cold compresses to those areas to chill out almost immediately.

Sleep Alone — It's the Perfect Excuse

Summer loving is absolutely a blast. But no matter how strong the love is, there's nothing quite like sleeping alone in a bed when it's the dead of summer. If you're already having trouble cooling off, spooning with a partner isn't helping. Their body heat combined with your body heat creates a fiery alchemy that will keep you up all night long. We're not saying you have to sleep separate every night because cuddling is crucial. But, for those particularly scorching evenings, you can cool off with some alone time.

Just Add Water

If you're not already drinking 8 ounces of water before bed, you should be. Downing a cool glass of H2O at night will not only keep your body cool but it has dietary benefits. Just be sure not to drink too much or else your sleep routine will be interrupted by frequent bathroom breaks.

Rinse Off in a Cold Shower

While a long, hot shower with steam makes you feel like you're getting a facial, you might want to consider a cold shower for these hot summer nights. Cold showers are great for alleviating sore muscles as well as lowering your body temperature. Once you're done embracing the cold, you can comfortably get situated under your Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter.

Get Low

No, not like the Lil Jon song. Although, it is summer, so anything is possible. However, in this instance, we are talking about your mattress. We recommend that you try lowering your mattress closer to the ground. Heat rises, then your body temperature rises, too.

Turn Off the Lights

Light bulbs give off more heat than you realize. During the day, turn your lights off as much as possible. When nighttime rolls around, keep the number of lights you have on at a minimum. This will significantly reduce the amount of heat generated in your home and will also save you some money.

Stay Away from the Stove

Leave your warm casseroles, experimental pho and other hot dishes for the winter. In the summer, prepare cooler dishes such as salads, cold pastas and veggie platters. Lighter dinners are easier to metabolize anyhow, which works as a win while you're resting. If you want to grill a sirloin steak, do it outdoors. This will help mediate the temperature indoors, plus you can enjoy summertime BBQs the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

Unplug at Night

Charging your phone overnight may be a part of your nightly routine, but your gadgets emit heat like you wouldn't believe. Try not to plug your phone or electronic devices into a power outlet near your bed, as it will generate heat that can make sleeping uncomfortable. Unplug appliances such as the toaster, toaster oven, etc., too, to save energy and reduce the total heat that's building up in your home.

Give Cold Feet a Positive Meaning

Getting cold feet has a pretty negative connotation. However, in this instance, it's absolutely positive. With the principle of pressure points, your feet control a lot of your body's temperature. Before bedtime, try icing your feet in a bucket of cold water. If you want to be on the safe side, keep a bucket of cold water near your bed and dip your toes in there throughout the night when the heat as gotten the best of you. While we totally support getting hot in the SHEEX, don't let it be by circumstance of summer.

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