Tell Us How You Sleep Better and Get $50 Toward SHEEX®

Tell Us How You Sleep Better and Get $50 Toward SHEEX®

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Here are the guidelines you’ll need to follow when recording your video:


Your video testimonial should be 1 minute or less.

Video Recording

Your video testimonial MUST be recorded using a computer camera. Using your webcam is a great idea.


Please be aware of what is in the background of your video. In order to help us represent you well and keep a clean, professional look, be sure to record your video with minimal visual distractions in the background.


We need to be able to see your smiling face! Typically, normal running lights in the house will suffice. Try to avoid drastic shadows or overexposure of light.


Take note of what ambient noises are in the room where you are recording. Things like fans, a TV or radio, or screaming kids will make it difficult to hear you. Make sure that the room is quiet and you are close enough to your computer, and remember to speak clearly.


A decent frame for video is called a “head to belt” frame, or essentially from the top of your head (with a bit of space above) to the middle of your waist. This ensures a comfortable viewing experience without being too close or too far away. If your video is chosen by SHEEX®, it may be used for web marketing purposes. If you’re interested, please email 8 lucky winners will receive $50 toward a SHEEX® purchase!

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