Product Spotlight: All Season Comforter

Product Spotlight: All Season Comforter

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Each week we're diving BETWEENtheSHEEX to explore what exactly makes your favorite sleep solutions the best. This week, we sat down with our Director of Product Development, Mary Beth, to learn more about the All Season Down Alternative Comforter.

Why did we make this sleep solution?  

MB: We designed our All Season Down Alternative Comforter to add a layer of lightweight luxury for your bed, to use any time of the year. Our innovative temperature-regulating technology is engineered into the shell fabric, resulting in a cool, dry environment to maximize a restful night's sleep. Our CoolX fiberfill is lightweight and lofty, giving you a coziness without overheating. 

Our All Season Down Alternative Comforter was designed for Comfort and Performance. 

What makes the All Season Comforter different?  

MB: Our Premium Original Performance fabric shell, made from the same Ridiculously Soft® fabric as our sheets, is moisture-wicking and ultra breathable. We've used an airy, down alternative fill that creates superior ventilation due to the hollow fiber structure. We've added cross-stitching intervals to hold our fiberfill in place, while giving you a cloud-like smooth surface to sleep under. 

Designed with a platinum silver satin piping and as well as corner anchor loops to secure your duvet cover, the All Season Comforter is where Performance meets luxury. 
Is there anything else that is important to mention about our All Season Comforter? 

MB: The All Season Down Alternative Comforter from SHEEX is hypoallergenic due to its specialized CoolX hypoallergenic fiberfill. This synthetic fill is also resistant to dust mites, which is a common allergen.

With this feature, the comforter is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep without any worries. Additionally, much like all SHEEX bedding and sleepwear, the All Season Comforter is machine washable, making it easy to maintain and keep clean, which is crucial for those with allergies.

Our All Season Comforter is also the ideal companion for our Original Performance, Arctic Aire•MAX and Midnight Label Duvet covers.

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Get Cozy with the All Season Comforter:

Original Performance All Season Comforter

Original Performance All Season Comforter

$149.25 $379.00

Description Details Care HURRY! THESE WILL NOT LAST LONG! - LIMITED SIZES AVAILABLE*This product is FINAL SALE and non-returnable. Snuggle up with our All Season comforter! This lighter-weight comforter is designed to keep you warm without overheating, making it perfect… read more

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