Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

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Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This year, our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is dedicated to all the important, mom-like figures in your life. Whether that be your birth mom, adopted mom, friend’s mom, dad, aunt, or uncle, we have ideas for the superheroes in your life who have always gone above and beyond for you! 

Do you have someone who always complains about sweating in their sleep? Because of this, they wake up multiple times throughout the night, toss and turn, and just never get the sleep they truly deserve. SHEEX has the solution: cooling sheets! 

Our Original Performance sheets were born from the idea of sleeping in athletic wear that keeps you cool while playing your favorite sport. These sheets breathe ten times better than traditional cotton sheet sets and help to minimize night sweats. Our lightweight fabric allows your body to cool itself naturally, so you can help your loved one put an end to sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations.

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This one is for the members of your village that never stop. From working 40+ hours a week, to making it to every single baseball game, play or science fair, this person accomplishes it all. While they may put on a brave face, we know they’re exhausted inside. 

Treat them to a set of Active Comfort Sheet Sets. Much like our Original Performance Sheets, these sheets are Ridiculously Soft® and keep you cool all night long. Active Comfort Sheets will make sure they are ready and rested for the busy day ahead. 

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Treat the superheroes in your life to luxury sleepwear! Our sleepwear is made from the same fabric as our Original Performance collection. This means that not only are they moisture wicking, but they also help to keep you cool all night long. Pair them with any of our cooling sheet sets for a night made in heaven! 

We might call our silky-soft joggers sleepwear, but our customers (and employees) have been known to wear them out while running errands, like grocery shopping. Our joggers and sleepwear are made to move with you, in any way you choose. 

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They’ll never have to flip their pillow to find the cool side again! Our Infinite Zen Performance Pillow is a memory foam pillow featuring a layer of TranquilAire™ Cooling Gel. The memory foam itself is made with cooling properties, making this memory foam pillow the coolest pillow you’ve ever laid your head on. 

We created the Infinite Zen pillow to be the softest, most resilient, and responsive pillow on earth, meant to support the ones you love. We even infused our pillow with Microban® fresh and clean technology to provide antimicrobial protection that resists the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold & mildew, to protect them as well!

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This gift provides double the support for your person. The CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket adds comfort and deep pressure stimulation — or deep pressure touch. If you know someone who is looking to lessen insomnia or anxiety, deep pressure stimulation helps promote the release of serotonin and melatonin.

SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket weighs 15 pounds and measures 48"x72" to comfortably cover one person. It’s not too light nor too heavy, which makes it an excellent starting point to get you into the world of weighted blankets. Once you get under it, you’ll experience a serene, comforting sensation that’ll ease your mind and lull you to sleep. Making this blanket one of SHEEX’s top favorite gifts for Mother’s Day!

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Is the person you're shopping for the type who needs sound to get to sleep but then struggles to fall asleep because of the light from the TV? Our Original Performance Cooling Sleep Mask is the perfect gift for them. Plus, if your person craves those extra few minutes, or hours, of sleep, these face masks will block out the morning sunlight!

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