Expand Your Sleep Vocabulary with SHEEX

Expand Your Sleep Vocabulary with SHEEX

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In honor of National Thesaurus Day on January 18th, 2022, we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorite sleep terms. Keep reading to expand your sleep vocabulary or just for fun! 

Catnap (noun) : a very short light nap 

This one might be our favorite sleep term because of how cute and simple it is. We don’t think anyone could be mad at you for wanting to take a tiny nap on your luxurious bedding from SHEEX. So go ahead, treat yourself to a catnap under your luxurious Midnight Label Duvet Cover. You’ll be glad you did! 




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Siesta (noun) : an afternoon nap or rest 

Here is a tradition from Spain that the employees at SHEEX can fully support. Siesta means taking a midday break from your work and napping. Studies show that a 20-minute power nap can be better for you than an hour-long nap. Break out that new Arctic Aire•MAX Channel Coverlet and get some shut eye during lunch. We certainly won’t tell! 

Arctic Aire•MAX Channel Coverlet

Arctic Aire•MAX Channel Coverlet


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Sleepify (verb) : to make sleepy 

We giggled when we came across this one but according to Merriam Webster, this is in fact a word. They give the example of a lecture sleepifying the audience. Sometimes a day full of Zoom calls can sleepify the team here at SHEEX, but we push through so we can fulfill our mission of providing you with better sleep! 

Let’s end this short word search with a word we very much dislike at SHEEX. 


Insomnia (noun) : inability to sleep 

The team at SHEEX works incredibly hard to design and manufacture sleep solutions to make sure you are getting the sleep you deserve every night. If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night, we recommend our CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket. 

The CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket is designed to promote a feeling of soothing calm through the even distribution of firm yet gentle pressure.  

We hope you’re getting the sleep you deserve and desire, but if you’re not, we recommend trying SHEEX! 



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