The Best Herbal Teas for a Better Night’s Sleep

The Best Herbal Teas for a Better Night’s Sleep

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If the idea of taking sleeping pills doesn't appeal to you, there are plenty of natural ways to catch a wink or two. One of them happens to be herbal tea. Not only does herbal tea contain no caffeine, but it also provides ingredients that promote sleepiness and can reduce anxiety. Whenever you're in bed and need help falling asleep, consider trying one of these sleepytime herbal teas.


Chamomile Tea


Dried chamomile flowers have been used for centuries as a way to treat conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. Chamomile is a mild tranquilizer due to the presence of apigenin in the tea. Apigenin is an antioxidant that binds to the areas of the brain that reduce anxiety and encourage restful sleep.


One study reported that nursing home residents who took 400mg of chamomile extract daily slept better than those who didn't take chamomile. Another study involving postpartum women found that the participants who drank chamomile tea for two weeks reported better quality sleep than those who didn't. While the research is still ongoing, chamomile remains one of the most popular teas for boosting relaxation. Sip on a cup of chamomile tea, get under a SHEEX® Performance Cooling Comforter and see how well you're able to wind down.


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Valerian Root


If you're looking for a stronger alternative to chamomile, valerian root may be a viable alternative for you. A popular natural sleep aid since ancient times, valerian root is widely available in supplement form, but it can also be made into an earthy flavored tea. Researchers theorize that valerian root increases your level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a neurotransmitter that boosts sleepiness.


There needs to be more research conducted to verify if valerian root is suitable for long-term use, so it's best to use it occasionally. The next time you're on a long flight, drink some valerian root tea, wrap yourself in a SHEEX® Calm + Cool Weighted Blanket, and doze off to sleepy town.


Lavender Tea


Lavender tea is made from the vibrant purplish buds of the Lavandula angustifolia plant. The tea offers a mild, sweet flavor profile, but it's the soothing fragrance that many people believe settles the nerves. That's why lavender is so prominent in other uses, including aromatherapy and bath salts.


A Taiwanese study involving 80 postnatal women showed that the participants who smelled and drank lavender tea for two weeks reported having less fatigue than the women who didn't drink the tea. Although research on lavender tea is limited, that doesn't mean you can't try it yourself. Before you put on your SHEEX® Performance Sleepwear and head off to bed, make a delicious nightcap with lavender tea and steamed milk. Then, see if its flavor and aroma help you unwind and fall asleep faster.



Passionflower Tea


Made from dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the Passiflora incarnata plant, passionflower tea is a sweet, floral drink that's known to relieve symptoms of insomnia and anxiety. Studies suggest passionflower helps increase levels of GABA in the brain, leaving you more relaxed and less anxious. Another study showed that adults who drank passionflower tea daily for one week reported having better quality sleep than the participants who didn't drink the tea.
Be sure to try out some of these herbal teas the next time you're feeling restless about your sleep quantity and quality. Also, consider swapping out your old bedding with a SHEEX® ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE Sheet Set. Our moisture-wicking fabrics breathe 10x better than traditional cotton sheets, helping you get a great night's sleep without any temperature fluctuations.

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