Original Performance Sheet in Graphite

Cooling Sheets & Sheet Sets

SHEEX® cooling sheets keep you cool, dry & comfortable throughout the night with moisture-wicking technology, ridiculously soft® fabric, and wrinkle-free durability.

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Most Popular Cooling Sheet

Original Performance Sheet Set

With thousands of 5-star reviews, the internet has been raving about how our Original Performance Sheet Sets put an end to over-heating and other sleep-disrupting temperature changes. Start getting the great night’s sleep your mind and body needs to perform at their peak and see what all the talk is about!

Starts from: $186.75
Softest Cooling Sheet

Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Set

Made from naturally hypoallergenic fibers, our 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell SHEEX® Arctic Aire•MAX Sheet Sets are softer than silk and thoughtfully designed to keep your body cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Starts from: $172.50
Chilliest Cooling Sheet Set

Midnight Label Sheet Set

The Ridiculously Soft® and silky-smooth fabric of our cool to the touch Midnight Label Sheet Set is frictionless, reducing the stress on your hair and skin caused by the tugging and pulling associated with traditional sheets.

Starts from: $335.00
Most Affordable Cooling Sheet

Active Comfort Sheet Set

Designed to create ideal sleeping conditions at an accessible price, our Active Comfort Sheet Set breathes better than traditional cotton, while wicking away moisture to ensure you get the most restful and restorative night’s sleep possible.

Starts from: $93.00

Cooling Sheets & Sheet Sets

Not Sure Which Bedding Is Right For You?

SHEEX Performance Sheet Sets are designed to create ideal conditions for cooler and deeper sleep. Our luxury sheet sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases*. Our Ridiculously Soft® performance fabrics are breathable, and moisture-wicking which ensures you get the most restful and restorative night sleep possible.