7 Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

7 Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

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February 20 is Love Your Pet Day! Even if you love your pet every single day of the year, this national holiday encourages you to shower your companion with a bit more attention and affection. No matter what type of pet you own, there are several ways you can celebrate this special occasion.


Visit Your Local Animal Shelter


Even though it's Love Your Pet Day, that doesn't mean you have to only love YOUR pet. Make some room on your schedule — and in your heart — to volunteer at your local animal shelter. Shelters always need help, and who knows, you might find a new buddy to bring home. Also, consider donating if you don't have time. Even just a small contribution can go a long way.


Sleep Challenge Week 4: Doing Something You Love


Let Your Pet Sleep with You


The pets-on-the-bed debate is an ongoing one. If you're against it, maybe ease up on your stance just for today. After all, sleeping with your four-legged friend has its benefits, from increased relaxation to a sense of security. Of course, dogs and cats shed. The solution? SHEEX Performance Bedding. Our SLEEP TECH® fabrics easily repel pet hair. Just use a brush to wipe away the fur. Plus, our pet-friendly cooling sheets boast enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking qualities, so you can snuggle up to your pal without feeling hot.


Get a New Bed for Your Pet


Has your dog or cat's bed seen better days? Love Your Pet Day is a perfect excuse to upgrade your buddy's bed! If you really want to spoil your pal, cover their bed with an Original Performance Flat Sheet or a SHEEX pillowcase over their old bed pillow and let them enjoy the cooling powers of SHEEX.


Bake a Pet-Friendly Dessert


If you love to bake or cook, put on your apron and whip up a delicious dessert for your beloved pup or kitty. There are plenty of recipes out there to get you started, but if cooking isn't your thing, several pet stores offer tasty treats your furry companion is sure to love.


Make More Time to Snuggle


Whether it's a belly rub, head scratch, or big hug, an affectionate gesture is one of the simplest things you can do to show love for your pet. Petting your pal makes a great stress reducer, too. Taking a bit of time to snuggle with your buddy releases cortisol and helps lower your blood pressure.


SHEEX dog hailey


Buy a New Toy


You know that feeling when you receive a gift. It makes you feel loved and appreciated. Do the same for your four-legged friend and give them a brand-new toy. No matter if it's a bone, scratching post, or tug-of-war rope, your dog or cat will light up the room once you give them their gift.


Treat Them to a Spa Day


Everyone should indulge in extra pampering every now and then, and pets are no exception! Schedule a wellness day for your doggie or kitty and treat them to bath and body massage, haircut, pedicure, or all of the above. Your loyal companion will not only look better but feel better, too.


Whatever you decide to do for Love Your Pet Day, make time to love yourself and upgrade your bedding to SHEEX. Our fabrics offer moisture-wicking technology and unbeatable breathability, ensuring you get a cooler, deeper night's sleep.

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