Is It Time For a New Mattress?

Is It Time For a New Mattress?

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Your mattress is the base for where you rest and recharge each night, so it’s a no-brainer to invest in a high-quality one. How can you tell when it’s time to get a new one? While it may be bittersweet to retire your trusty sleep companion, you deserve the best rest possible. At SHEEX®, we’ll help you figure out when it’s time to part ways with your mattress and go over what qualities to look for when you buy a new one. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

According to the Sleep Foundation, the average lifespan for a mattress is around six to eight years. Some memory foam mattresses can even last you a good 10 to 15 years with regular rotating. How long should you keep your mattress? It depends on your specific circumstances. While we love nothing better than a workhorse mattress, it’s worth checking yours every few years to see if it’s truly serving you — a mattress that’s past its prime will impact your comfort, sleep quality, and health in the long run.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

Other than the fact that it’s been several years since you’ve gotten a new one, several tell-tale signs will let you know when it’s time to switch out your mattress. 

  • Your mattress is sagging. A mattress with wear and tear is a good sign that you need an upgrade. Some qualities of a worn-out one include sags, lumps, and protruding coils. A sinking mattress may be uncomfortable and cause you to experience disrupted sleep. 

  • Your mattress is giving you aches and discomfort. If you wake up with stiff or achy joints and muscles, you might need to get yourself a new mattress. Body pains may be related to the previous point, as a mattress past its prime will not offer your body sufficient support. 

  • Your mattress springs are louder than usual. A noisy or squeaky mattress means that your bed springs aren’t compressing the way they should be. Not only will the noise keep you up, but it may also indicate that your spine isn't getting the support it needs. 

  • Your mattress gives you allergic reactions. According to Healthline, your mattress is where most dust mites and allergens live in your home. You can mitigate this issue by cleaning and vacuuming your bed, but persistent allergic reactions may mean that you need to switch out your mattress. 

SHEEX Mattresses

At SHEEX, we've designed mattresses with highly technical performance materials to give you cool, comfortable sleep. No matter what kind of support you need, we have your back — literally. Our Performance Max Graphite Memory Foam Mattress features a firm, yet responsive sleep surface, while our Performance Max Quantum-Hybrid Cooling Mattress offers a medium-firm surface if you prefer extra cushion. Both take advantage of SHEEX’s Performance Knit Cooling Cover for nights of breathable, moisture-wicking comfort and use multiple layers of foam for support and temperature control. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get the restorative rest that a high-quality mattress should offer.

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