Hot At Night? How to Make Your Bed Cooler

Hot At Night? How to Make Your Bed Cooler

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Try Cooling Pillows

There's a reason we flip our pillows over and over throughout the night: the cool side is much better. Ditch the traditional cotton pillows and opt for ones that are designed to keep you comfortably cool. SHEEX® Performance Cooling Pillows regulate and limit excess heat so your head is kept cool throughout the night. When your treat yourself to our highly breathable pillows, no flipping is ever necessary.

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Keep It Dark

While it might be tempting to open the blinds during the day, keeping them closed will actually benefit you at night. Leaving the blinds open when the sun is out often heats up the room. As nice as the rays may feel on our skin, the heat it leaves behind in our bedrooms can leave us feeling downright uncomfortable. Try keeping your blinds closed as often as possible during the day, especially when the weather is particularly sunny, to avoid a hot room at night.

Minimize Your Bedding

The simplest way to make your bed cooler comes down to the layers on your bed. While soft, fluffy blankets provide coziness, they tend to trap body heat. Ditch the blankets and sleep with minimal summer bedding. SHEEX® Performance Sheets alone are perfect for this, providing breathable, cool comfort that will keep you comfortably cool. The SHEEX® STUDIO•TECH Bedding Set is also a great option, as it only includes the essentials: a fitted sheet, two pillowcases and a duvet with matching pillow shams.

Use A Hot Water Bottle

You're probably thinking, "Wait, what?" Hear us out: If you're one to get hot at night, a hot water bottle just might be what you need. As awesome as the bottles are during those cold, winter nights, they're just as useful during the summer months. To make your bed cooler, pop your hot water bottle in the freezer a few hours before bed. Once it's frozen, take it with you under the covers and drift off to a comfortably cool night of sleep.

Remember to make your bed cooler with SHEEX® performance bedding, with breathable pillow cases, pillows, and sheets. You'll sleep, feel and live better. Information for this article was sourced from Greatist, Pop Sugar, National Sleep Foundation, Life Hacker, Mirror and Business Insider.

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