Cozy Sheets to Snuggle in This Season

Cozy Sheets to Snuggle in This Season

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It’s officially sweater weather and comfy, cozy sheets time. If you’re looking to switch up your sheets this season, look no further for Ridiculously Soft­­® and cooling performance fabrics. And yes, we said cooling! Even as the temperatures drop, nobody likes to wake up drenched in night sweats. For breathable and moisture-wicking goodness, check out the best-selling sheets from SHEEX®. Ahead, learn everything you need to know about our top three collections — plus, stick around for our favorite cold weather activities to enjoy while staying tucked beneath cozy sheets. 

Everything You Need to Know About SHEEX Sheets

Original Performance

Inspired by athletic gear, the Original Performance Sheets breathe ten times better than traditional cotton, so you can count on them for cool, restorative sleep. These sheets are also low maintenance, as they’re wrinkle-resistant and machine washable for easy care. They drape beautifully and come with a luxurious sheen, becoming softer with each wash. With stay-fit corners, the Original Performance sheets also remain safe and sound on your bed — you won’t have to move an inch to adjust the fit as you curl up in bed this winter. 

Arctic Aire•MAX 

The hypoallergenic Arctic Aire•MAX sheets are designed with your comfort in mind. One of the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers, they’re made with sustainable 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, which naturally reduce bacterial growth. They also contain submicroscopic channels that help regulate absorption and release moisture for cool sleep. Plus, these sheets are softer than silk — we can’t promise that you’ll want to leave your bed to unwrap the presents. 

Midnight Label 

We’ve engineered the Midnight Label line in collaboration with brrr° to create the world’s coolest bedding. These sheets take advantage of the Triple Chill Effect™, which combines a proprietary mixture of cooling minerals, active wicking technology, and quick-drying for the restful sleep you deserve. These cooling bed sheets are also frictionless, which means you don't have to worry about hair tangles and morning crush wrinkles during those holiday pictures. With the Midnight Label line, mix and match colors to your liking for the perfect holiday sheet set. 

Fun Winter Weekend Activities as You Cozy Up in Your SHEEX Sheets

If you’re looking for some chill (pun intended) activities to do this winter while tucked away in your favorite cooling SHEEX sheets, we've got you covered. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays while snuggling up in bed. 

  • Watching holiday classics — here are our some favorites: 

    • Home Alone 

    • The Holiday   

    • While You Were Sleeping 

    • Love Actually 

    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

  • Enjoying breakfast (or Santa’s cookies) in bed (tip: use a mattress protector in case of accidents)

  • Playing board games in pajamas

SHEEX not only make for the perfect sheets to snuggle into, but they're also incredibly thoughtful holiday gifts! Give the gift of more silent nights with our sheet sets.

This holiday season, lull yourself, or your friends and family, into a deep sleep with SHEEX cooling sheets — you’ll be dreaming of red-nosed reindeers and sugarplum fairies before you know it. 

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