SHEEX Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

SHEEX Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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The holiday season is upon us and SHEEX has your 2018 annual holiday gift guide with some truly wonderful gift ideas for everyone you love. So no more shopping stress, last minute dashes to the mall or frantic online orders, we are here to help. Show your family members they're safely off the "naughty list" by prepping the guest room and wrapping unique and original gifts that will get everyone into the holiday spirit. Our convenient holiday gift guide is crafted to direct you to the most festive gifts based on the personality and lifestyle of everyone on your shopping list. Helping friends and family improve their sleep habits is not only practical, but with the right gift it can be a life changer. The gift of SHEEX is unique, timeless and original — what a perfect present!

For the Dreamer

Gifts for the dreamerThose uncompromising artists you know can be notoriously difficult to shop for the perfect present. Give them the gift of inspiration by picking out a dream journal from PAPYRUS! Documenting one's dreams and recognizing patterns over time can help anyone acknowledge psychological barriers in order to move forward in life. This Love Stripes journal is a great addition to a neutral bedroom, but if the dreamer in your life is a fan of color, you can browse the wide variety of journals at PAPYRUS to fit their SHEEX bedroom style.

Holiday gift for the dreamerWhat's more important to a dreamer than a good night's rest? Give the gift of sleep with the cool, cloudlike comfort of the SHEEX Original Performance Cooling Pillow. We design our pillows with optimum comfort and breathability in mind. Our naturally cooling pillows work well for all types of dreamers, whether they sleep on their back, stomach, or side.

For the Parent

gifts for parentsParents work tirelessly 'round the clock caring for their family members, children, and pets without nary a second for themselves. Gift them comfortable home togs to change into after work. The ultra-soft fabrics and unrivaled breathability of SHEEX 828 Motion Sleepwear powered by Sleep•Fit Technology is an obvious choice for relaxation from 8 to 8. To be sure, moms will love the 828 Easy Tee and dads will not be able to get enough of the 828 Cool Down Pants. Gifts for moms and dadsNew parents with active bundles of joy will go gaga for this faux leather diaper bag from Honest. Stylish and eco-friendly, this designer baby bag can be worn as a crossbody satchel or backpack. Inside the bag, parents will find everything they need for their fast-paced lifestyle like insulated pockets, a foldable changing pad and easy-clean lining.

For the Techie

Ecosheex gift for the techieMany techies are obsessed with tracking their steps, calories, and sleep quality to understand and improve their fitness and wellness. Facilitate their sleep improvement by topping their bed with the luxurious comfort of an ECOSHEEX Coverlet. This temperature-regulating coverlet is the ideal solution for the techie that cannot decide between a thick winter comforter and a lighter-weight quilt. The ECOSHEEX Coverlet helps to maintain a consistent body temperature, all night long.Klipsch Gift Idea Our techie family members seek the latest gadgets and devices to streamline their lifestyle when the holidays arrive. Help them connect to their music, home systems, news, weather, and sports updates with the all-inclusive Klipsch The Three with Google Assistant. This tabletop multi-room audio system features hands-free voice control, a mid-century modern design, and astounding room-filling acoustics.

For the Trendsetter

You know the type —they quickly spot the shift in design, fashion or new ideas and sport the latest and greatest trends, looking effortlessly up-to-date and stylish. Help them upgrade their bedding with the latest innovation by giving them a SHEEX Studio•Tech Bedding Set, engineered with a dual-sided design for fluctuating temperatures. One side provides an ultra-soft velvety texture along with heat retentive properties for cooler nights while the other side offers a cool, smooth, and lightweight performance fabric feel that is ideal for warmer nights. A great way to complement a sleep-centric gift is one designed for work.

gifts for trendsettersSupport your edgy, trendy friend or family member during their daily 9-to-5 with a pair of blue light computer glasses from Quay. Quay is all about looking and feeling good — the company offers seven chic frame options for their blue light glasses, designed to filter blue HEV light that emits from digital screens on computers and smartphones. Crush life, not their vision, by reducing your favorite trendsetter's risk for dry eyes, strain, blurred vision, and headaches.

For the Health-Conscious

sheex bedding giftsIt's no secret that getting a good night's sleep helps boost your overall health. Give that health-conscious friend or family member the gift of restorative sleep with SHEEX Original Performance sheet sets. Our innovative sheets actually transfer heat away from the body way more effectively than other sheets, making for a better night's rest. meal prep giftsWhile good sleep is critical, it's one piece of the overall health puzzle. Your health-conscious relative may have vocalized their resolve to stop eating meat and dairy, but switching to a plant-based diet requires time, planning, and careful budget balancing. Help them live their healthiest life without throwing their schedule into disarray by ordering them a meal planner from Forks Over Knives. Their team of expert chefs create personalized plant-based meal plans every week with scrumptious recipes that will be on the table in 35 minutes or less. Every meal plan can be customized to suit your relative's individual needs for the week. It takes the hassle out of eating healthy! No matter who you have on your holiday list this season, the gift of SHEEX is unique, timeless and original — what a perfect present for the most important people in your life. You can always find great gift ideas for better sleep and lasting comfort by using the SHEEX 2018 holiday gift guide!

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