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The right bedding can soothe the savage beast in anyone after a grueling day. SHEEX® PERFORMANCE FLEECE Pillowcases create a calming, ultra-soft cloud for your head. Brilliantly engineered PERFORMANCE FLEECE pillowcases promise to keep you cozy without temperature variance.

  • Includes two pillowcases (Standard or King size)
  • Body Pillowcase includes one pillowcase. size 20"W x 54"L  
  • 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Imported

Use cold water and choose a regular cycle with no bleach or fabric softener and no fabric dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low, and don't worry about having to iron – SHEEX® are wrinkle-resistant! SHEEX® wash and dry wonderfully and also hold up well against fading and shrinking.

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Best Features of our Original Performance Sheets


Super-Soft Touch

Our lightweight fabric is ultra-soft and feels incredibly smooth against your skin


Temperature Control

Fabric releases trapped body heat, keeping you cooler than traditional bedding